Bernice McDonald Teaches Women to Wait and Not Date After Divorce, Increasing Odds of Successful Second Marriages

Women forgive, heal and find love waiting to date after divorce increasing confidence as they move forward to a new life.

Being alone and single after a divorce can leave many women vulnerable to making poor relationship decisions moving forward. Jennifer Garner seems to be setting a standard for women after her painful breakup with Ben Affleck. After ten years of marriage Garner has taken the time to “adjust to her new life…and focus on herself,” a family source has told People Magazine.

According to relationship expert, and founder of Open To Love: Learn To Trust Again Bernice McDonald, Garner exemplifies women who understand the importance of forgiveness in a relationship, and how it allows many to come back to a happy, healthy love life. Her own personal experience has helped countless women move forward in a healthy way.

“I was one of those women who was left in shock after my marriage ended,” says McDonald. “I completely lost my identity. Rather than shutting down as I have seen so many women do, I used the pain to drive me to seek out answers to the tough questions about love. The answers I found are what I used to create this program.”

McDonald helps women open their hearts, using techniques she learned from Tony Robbins, where she was learned to apply Human Needs Psychology to helping women of divorce.

One important study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, found self-forgiveness a major part of satisfactory relationships and higher personal confidence. McDonald helps women to leverage the virtue of forgiveness in supporting them in being able to give and receive more fully in their future relationships.

“It’s human nature to fear what hurts us, causing women to close their hearts and become wary,” says McDonald. “It keeps us on the defensive, which prevents us from being able to give or receive well. I train my clients to first meet the 6 Heart Needs in themselves, rebuilding their confidence. Next, we work on rebuilding their ability to trust love itself followed by an increase in their understanding of how men think and love, bringing much of what they thought they knew into a new light.”

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