Bernardo Mendez Creates Online Program to Help Women Reclaim the Courage to be Adored

Single women now have the opportunity to find the right man for them with the new strategies and techniques of dating expert Bernardo Mendez.

A recent survey hosted by popular dating site eHarmony, showed that one in eight adults, mostly women, have given up on finding love. According to the data, women worry most about trust or that nobody really understands them. After connecting with thousands of single women worldwide, one man has discovered that it is possible for a woman to find her soulmate - all she needs is the right strategy.

Bernardo Mendez, a relationship and dating expert with over 21 years of experience, has realized that a woman's sense of worth is the number one factor that determines their ability to find sustainable love. "I help women overcome emotional challenges and find commitment-minded men in record time. As a certified strategic intervention life coach, I use principles of strategic intervention, a system that allows people to create significant changes in a short amount of time, in a sustainable way and divide it into inner and outer work." Mendez has created a free webinar, allowing women a chance to see how their life could change.

The program Mendez has created is done by one on one coaching, as well as a self-paced video program. The focus of inner work helps women to reconnect to their sense of worth as a woman from an emotional place, rather than an intellectual place. Mendez also focuses on raising the level of passion within each individual's life, helping them understand the power of their feminine energy. The outer work part of a program is centered on connecting women with men with detachment, and increasing the number of interactions they have with available men. By tapping into their vulnerability, Mendez helps women understand the emotional triggers that allow men to commit to them.

Dawn Vasco, who at 47 years of age had never been married, had been on at least 100 online dates, and was still undergoing breast cancer treatment when she began work with Mendez. "I give Bern so much of the credit for meeting my soul mate. If I didn’t to this work with Bern I wouldn’t be this woman right now who was willing to open to somebody and be vulnerable and I wouldn’t have attracted a guy like him."

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