BEPOZ Celebrate 40 Years in Business Providing Point Of Sale Software & Hardware Solutions

BEPOZ continue to grow after 40 Years with point of sale solutions including hardware and software integration connecting all venues with head office and accounts in a single system.

Business success can often be a double edged sword - with more rapid growth comes a higher rate of turnover, and keeping a handle on cash flow and accounts can quickly become a nightmare. For businesses that have opened multiple venues, the desire is often to combine accounts across venues much as a single venue looks to combine accounts across multiple points of sale. This kind of scalable flexibility is exactly what BEPOZ have provided in Australia to business of all sizes, no matter their ambition. The company is currently celebrating its 40th year in business, with its latest Point of Sale systems looking to make records in retail uptake.

The POS software provider has expanded consistently over its forty year history, from being the first company in Australia to link cash registers to PC’s, to its next generation solutions including SMS and email integration for both staff and customers, creating effective systems for personnel and public relations management.

BEPOZ’s point of sale software is now also capable of pooling data from multiple venues and generating feedback reports from these at any level of specificity, allowing business owners to look into their sales in a more deep and immediate way than ever before.

A spokesperson for BEPOZ explained how their system goes above and beyond, “The systems we sell are more than just point of sale integration systems - they’re a business management paradigm that allows for instant insight and reporting beyond what could normally be expected. Our systems manage stock and make recommendations on product distribution according to what proves popular between venues. This allows for flexible stock redistribution and other cost saving measures. These savings are demonstrated by the Return on Investment feature, a live calculator that expresses the amount made in profit on products as a percentage value of the amount spent, so managers and sales teams don’t have to wait for quarterly reports to see how they’re doing.”

About BEPOZ: Founded in 1973, BEPOZ was the company that introduced Australia to the PC connected cash register. Since that time BEPOZ has grown its business to become one of the largest Point Of Sale solution providers in Australia, including bespoke software to run "back office" management.

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