Benefits Of The HEIDI’s Tokenization For The World’s Economy

HEIDI is a Swiss crypto-token which tokenises the sustained delivery of trans-generational social impact. You will know what tokenization and its features are and what is “the currency of Capitalism 2.0”.

Most modern business universities are funded by those who want to perpetuate the current failed system of capitalism. Most modern business universities are funded by those who want to destroy this system. That is why we need a different solution - tokenization. It is tokenization that will make a revolution in the field of education and forever change the world we are used to.

What is tokenization?

In a general sense, tokenization is the replacement of real values ​​with conditional ones. Tokens were used in the British Empire from the 17th to the 19th century due to the lack of government currency. These were coin-shaped tokens that either replaced small coins or were intended for the purchase of something specific, for example, lunch in a canteen, were made as medals or awards, and sometimes for fraudulent purposes.

If you think about it, money itself is just universal tokens with no intrinsic value. However, they are a necessary medium for the exchange of values, goods, and services.

Benefits of tokenization

From the point of view of information security, tokenization is a way to protect personal data using tokens - combinations of symbols that are of no value to attackers. Tokenization avoids direct transfer of personal data where possible, and using both approaches makes the transaction process even more reliable.

Features of tokenization in HEIDI

HEIDI is a Swiss crypto payment and utility token which delivers sustainable social impact through the creation of an unprecedented circular economy and innovation pipeline of Education, Research, and Social Entrepreneurship.

HEIDI is a Swiss investment-grade cryptocurrency because it is a stable storage of value based on its fungibility and ever-increasing utility within the sustainable circular economy that is created by the model.

HEIDI tokenises the sustained delivery of transgenerational pro-social and environmental impact by creating a new circular economy of sustainable products and services, in which the token will serve as the exclusive currency. We call this “the currency of Capitalism 2.0”.

HEIDI is limited to a total issuance of 12’910’000 tokens and is divisible by 100 or 2 decimal places. This was chosen to encourage that HEIDI is held as a safe storage of value rather than as a speculative token. The HEIDI token will be used within the ecosystem for both payment of products and utilisation of services.

HEIDI changes the world

HEIDI strives to change and evolve the current paradigm of business education in such a way as to quickly bring new socially sustainable products and services to market.

To successfully implement the idea of ​​creating a healthy planet, fair profit, and changing people's lives for the better, Capitalism 2.0 must be unlimited, transparent and urgent. The answer is blockchain technology and tokenization.

Find out why analysts and investors are calling HEIDI the currency of Capitalism 2.0:

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