Beigephone Offer Drastically Reduced Cell Phone Services With New MVNO Offers

Beigephone is offering an opportunity to slash Verizon and AT&T cell phone bills by leading the way in conversion to mobile virtual network operators.

A thorn in the side of millions of Americans is the apparent expense of cell phone service providers, who charge extravagant amounts to users of their networks when individuals would much rather pay less. In particular, Verizon and AT&T can charge over $100 a month for cell phone service. Beigephone is an online cell service aggregator and handset store that offers a new solution to saving money on cell phone charges services courtesy of fast conversion to MVNO, or mobile virtual network operators, for new and existing handsets.

Users can sign up to the virtual private network operators by either bringing with them their existing phone or buying a prepaid iPhone or other handset from Beigephone, which can include all the very latest handsets from the iPhone 5s to the latest Samsung Galaxy. The company will then help individuals set up their phone to use the virtual network.

The advantages are obvious- even the most basic packages offer unlimited calls and texts together with a data allowance for online browsing, and can even include international calls in the mix, using the same principle as a Skype audio call but through the handset.

A spokesperson for Beigephone explained, “With our services, you can lower your verizon cell phone bill or AT&T contract based service by choosing one of our MVNO's, saving a huge amount on your monthly bills. They will be able to keep their phone number, keep the current cell phone handset they love, and keep the same nationwide Verizon or AT&T network. However, instead of paying $100's per month for all this, they need only pay as little as $29.95 a month through a mobile virtual network operator like Page Plus and H2O. It’s the future for those who don’t want to be tied in to excessive costs just to get a great handset.”

About Beigephone:
Founded in 2009, Beigephone is a Dallas, Texas based cell phone service aggregator. They save customers from the shackles of 2 year contracts and offer the same nationwide coverage, the same popular handsets often at less than half the cost. Beigephone are a leading provider of MVNO services throughout the US using H2O and Page Plus.

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Organization: Beigephone LLC
Phone: 8004851505

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