BeeKeeper House Claims To Be the Best Luxury Rehab Center In Thailand

The Beekeeper House claims to be the best luxury rehab center in Thailand….is it right? The Beekeeper House is South East Asia’s popular mental health organization.

The Beekeeper House claims to be the best luxury rehab center in Thailand….is it right? The Beekeeper House is South East Asia’s popular mental health organization.

The facility treats behavioral issues and addiction efficiently. Compassion is the foundation of BeeKeeper House. Eastern philosophy and psychology are combined to attain powerful results. Clients are treated as a whole including body, mind, and soul.

The luxury rehab center in Thailand offers resort-style accommodation. It includes a botanical garden and a swimming pool. It highlights offering clients a comfortable and safe environment with amenities like meditation, yoga, and recreation shala. Next to the ground, they have a tiny Buddhist temple created. 

Conditions treated include –

  • Drug &alcohol addiction
  • Mental health 
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Behavioral problem
  • Eating disorders
  • Rehabilitation

Different programs

Detox programs

On arrival, the physician works with clients and their doctors to determine their medical detoxification needs. ‘The Warm’ is a licensed detox center situated near the main recovery house, which is a Beekeepers partner facility. For extensive detox, the patient is transported to another partner hospital. 

Residential program

Clients stay at the facility for several weeks or months. The time is used to focus on recovery efforts associated with mental health or substance abuse problems.

Clients are trained on how to handle and live life positively without drug dependence. Clients also need to participate in group or individual therapy daily.

  • Focus – The residential rehab program is focused on nutrition, recreation, meditation, identifying personal strength, commuting with nature, and developing self-efficacy. 
  • Participation – Group, individual, family, and couples therapy. 
  • Thematic approach – Mental health, psycho-education, relapse prevention, and end of treatment. 
  • Therapies - In a residential program, Beekeeper House offers different therapeutic models like dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. 
  • Offsite activities – During treatment Beekeeper House is a wonderful sanctuary. Clients can explore the surroundings of Chiang Mai. Regular excursions are planned to offer patients create happy memories with their group. Excursions include the temple tour, waterfall trekking, hot springs, elephant orphanage, and Thai cooking class. 

During a residential stay, the clinical team guides supports, and works closely to address the patient’s core problems. Patients are empowered via group and individual activities. Anxiety treatment help patients regain control, find freedom, and experience clarity!

Aftercare program

After patients recover from addiction, the months of effort and sacrifices seem to pay off strongly in sense of self-respect, hope, and value. During the residential program, the patients are protected from normal life’s stress and demand. 

The BeeKeeper House team helps to create a potent aftercare plan that can better the recovery. During aftercare, patients learn and participate in a holistic recovery program. A successful recovery plan is challenging but rewarding. 

While checking out for drug addiction treatment near me in Thailand, people will come across BeeKeeper House. It is the best approach towards a self-discovery and personal development journey. 

Beekeeper House is a holistic rehab center in Thailand associated with the Health & Care Professional Council [hcpc], the International Association of Trauma Professionals [IATP], The British Psychological Society, and the Ministry of Public Health. 

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