Beauty Junkees Reveals How to Select the Right Eye Shadow Shade

Women should make this selection with their skin tone, eye color, and hair color taken into consideration for the best look, reports

Statista reports 93.27 million women in the United States used eye shadow in 2019. Of these women, countless likely selected a color that wasn't flattering to them as they simply don't know how best to go about selecting the appropriate shade. Learn more about eyeshadow basics and discover which colors look best using different selection criteria.

As the eyes are often the first thing a person notices when meeting someone new, make certain they look their best at all times. Choose from one of the following methods when selecting a shade of eye shadow for any day of the week.

Coordinate the eye shadow color with the eye color. Individuals with brown eyes find they can wear most colors with ease and should select their shadow with this in mind. Women with blue eyes, however, must take more care.

A woman with blue eyes needs to avoid shadows with a blue-green undertone. Aim for those with purple, peach, pink, or coral as well as those with black undertones to truly make the eyes stand out. Silver eyeshadow looks good on women with blue eyes, while those with brown eyes need to avoid shadows in this shade.

Green eyes truly pop when shadows with red undertones are used, so select products in shades of maroon or burgundy to emphasize the eyes. In addition, shades like peach, gray, apricot, and plum make the eyes shine.

Skin tone plays a role in eye shadow color selection as well. Women with warm skin tones, such as those who have golden or yellow undertones, need to select eye shadows in shades of bronze, light brown, taupe, and ivory remain good choices. Other options include coral, pink, and soft green.

For those with cool skin tones, women with pink or blue undertones, other colors need to be selected. Try pale blue, dark green, gray, and turquoise, but don't hesitate to add in some silver, teal, lilac, or pale blue when highlighting the eyes as they complement the natural skin tone as well.

Hair color is another factor to consider when selecting eye shadow shades. Women with brown or black hair find they have the most options when it comes to choosing an eye shadow shade that complements their coloring.

Most eye shadow hues look good on these ladies, including dark shades such as brown or purple to light shades of yellow and green. Don't hesitate to pull out neutrals like bright and gold when making up the eyes, as they also look great on women with darker hair.

Blonds with fair skin tones need to be more careful when choosing an eye shadow. Thanks to their fair skin tone, only certain shades complement the skins and improve their appearance. This includes shades of gray, gold, blue, green, and pink, and the one selected depends in part on the skin tone and eye color.

Women with red hair find they are more limited when it comes to eye shadow shades that complement their coloring. This is due to the intensity of the hair color. For women with red hair, shades of gold, pink, and black work well, while greens may also be used, especially olive green.

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