Beach-Experience Company Thermalabs to Release More Products This Year

Thermalabs has revealed plans to announce more products this year.

Premier cosmetics brand Thermalabs has a number of new products in the pipeline. This is according to the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard. Thermalabs is a successful brand that’s popularly known due to its top-notch tanning formulations. The company has been around for just two years. But despite that fact, it has managed to cultivate a global audience and establish a market presence in an industry where competition is cut-throat at best. The company’s strategy seems to be working, and it perhaps should be a reference point for entrant startups in the beauty industry.

Thermalabs is an American company based in New York City, where it’s global headquarters are located. The company reportedly operates a number of production facilities around the world, with the largest one located in Israel. The company was established roughly two years ago, in an event that was marked by brilliant marketing undertones. The company’s pilot launch was a product known as the original self tanner. This was a tanning lotion that contributed to a long-lasting tan, and that leveraged an organic and natural formulation. The product’s apparent success helped propel the company to stardom, especially in a market where success is attributed to results.

Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin-cancer free word. Every year, the company donates a tenth of its profits to charity. This money mostly goes to non-profit making organizations that create awareness and provide education on cancer, as well as educational bodies that are committed to finding a cure for cancer. Thermalabs keeps up its key commitment in mind when researching, formulating and producing products. That’s probably one of the key reason why most of the company’s launches are highly natural and organic formulations.

In 2015, Thermalabs recorded major accomplishments. For instance, the company introduced a number of new products that are currently best sellers in major online marketplaces. These include Protectan, Tan Enhancer, Beach Tent and the Travel Size Self Tanner. Protectan is a sunscreen block lotion that moisturizes the skin while protecting it from the sun’s dangerous rays. This helps reduce the risk for skin cancer especially for people who’re exposed to the sun for many hours every day. Tan Enhancer is a complimentary lotion that is used within the company’s tanning aids to provide that radiant glow that tanning buffs are always looking for. Beach Tent is a multi-purpose instantly foldable tent product that can be used at the beach, at the garden, when hiking or camping. Lastly, the Travel Size Self Tanner is a smaller size of the company’s original self tanner that meets airport travel regulations. This means people who travel a lot are able to carry this product wherever they are going.

In addition to its current achievements, Thermalabs has also said that it’s investing more in research, and expects to release more products this year. This is great news for the company’s global community of users, especially if Thermalabs history of success is anything to go by!

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