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Millionstarter: Introducing Social Q, the all in one exclusive social application, backed by its native token, $MST.

There is an unusual concept behind the latest Hungarian cryptocurrency which is not just an online payment instrument: its aim is to build an online social network where members are the decision-makers, and no large company has the right to censor the content they post.

It is now possible to buy the new Hungarian cryptocurrency, which is made special by the concept behind it, says Renátó Bándli, the founder of Millionstarter. The token will be accompanied by an innovative community platform: unlike Facebook and its peers, it will be user-run, uncensored and will represent a completely free expression of opinion.

Only the fastest could get first to the new currency at the best price – because the Private Sale phase could only last until the 18th of November. The token is running out fast and there are more and more buyers both domestic and foreign.

“Unlike most of the cryptocurrencies already present in the Hungarian market, ours is backed by an established background. We reinvest most of our token sales back into the development of the app and website. No Hungarian cryptocurrency has ever had such backing,” says Bándli, who is confident that the use of the new social network will also spread abroad.

A community run by ordinary people.

“The token itself is the driving force behind our app, Social Q: this is a decentralized, premium social/connection building network powered by $MST token holders. Here, no company will have a say in the management of the site, no excluded profiles or blocked content. You and we will jointly control the site,” emphasizes the founder.

In addition to the social network, the concept of Social Q is made completely unique by encrypted chat, built-in wallet and exchange and Meet features.

“Our artificial intelligence system, which was specifically developed for this purpose, will not give way to fake users trying to get to know others by using someone else’s photo,” promises Bándli.

And the Meet feature would help users connect with like-minded people with similar interests, even to develop new business and job opportunities.

The app will also offer other notable features such as WEB 3.0 browser, NFT Marketplace and phone insurance.

What guarantees the value of this cryptocurrency? On the social network, it will be possible to buy advertising for businesses and individuals with the $MST tokens. These platforms will therefore further increase the value of the token, as will the advertising revenue and the paid features of the dating site.

The social network itself, however, is free for everyone to use, says Bándli, adding that the token will be accompanied by an annual buy-back program. Those who hold it will receive bonuses over time. In addition, the currency can be sent for free in the app, with a fee only charged if users convert it into another currency.

Everything is in place for success, as the news of the cryptocurrency is spreading not only in Hungary but also abroad. The app itself will be available for download on iPhone and Android in January but will also be available on a website. That is why Bándli warns us: anyone who does not want to miss out is recommended to buy tokens in the weeks ahead.

Contact Info:
Name: Renato Bandli
Email: Send Email
Organization: Millionstarter Investment IC

Release ID: 89050345

Name: Renato Bandli
Email: Send Email
Organization: Millionstarter Investment IC