Be Irresistible Launches Campaign Offering Real-World Relationship Advice

Relationships are hard, which is why has created a site offering information, resources and more for people of all ages

Approximately 44 percent of adults in America are single. The other 56 percent of Americans are either married, in a relationship or otherwise taken. Unfortunately, relationships are hard and things don’t always work out. In fact, 48 percent of breakups that start online are done through email. While there is no right or wrong way to make a relationship work, it is obvious that some people need help, resources and information about this topic.

In an effort to meet this demand, Be Irresistible has created an online website that provides resources, information and more teaching people how to be irresistable and providing valuable information about relationships.

“When some people first come across our website, they think it is superficial,” stated Julie Smith. “After all, we are teaching you how to be irresistible to men, right? The fact is, it is much deeper than that. This site highlights the special qualities that are created when a person is truly confident, happy and when they have an inner beauty that pulls at someone’s heartstrings.”

The Be Irresistible website was created by James Bauer the bestselling author of the courses “His Secret Obsession,” and “What Men Secretly Want.” The his secret obsession course and others can be accessed on the new site, by creating an account.

“We believe that being in a relationship doesn’t have to be hard,” continued Smith. “It should be something that brings you joy and happiness. Our courses, products and services are designed to help you achieve this and more in your personal life. In addition to providing a wide array of courses to choose from, we also offer a 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee on anything you purchase. We believe in our products that much.”

More information about the Be Irresistible courses and other resources can be found by visiting the website.


Be Irresistible is a unique website, created by James Bauer, the author of “What Men Secretly Want,” and “His Secret Obsession.” This website is designed to provide individuals with information about finding and keeping love and happiness. It is not all surface-level or superficial goals. The courses offered online go deep into what makes a person happy and helps them discover what they really want out of a relationship. The subscription based site is backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee, which provides an extra layer of peace of mind for customers.

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