BC-Invest Spins Off from Bain

BC-Invest, a world-leading private investment firm, is pleased to announce the spin-off agreement signed by the Company and its historic partner, Bain.

Founded by Bain in 1984, BC-Invest is one of the world's leading private investment firms, originated from the original intention of earning stable returns for investors. After 20 years of development, it became an independent company in 2023, aiming to be the world's leading open investment platform, delivering lasting impact to investors and the communities in which we live. Formally independent on May 5 2023, BC-Invest has brought together cryptocurrency and fund investments on one platform by working closely with the management team, aligning their interests with those of their investors to create lasting impact, building one of the most powerful alternative asset platforms in the world.

On May 5, specialist private equity firm Bain expands its assets by distributing a percentage of its subsidiary BC-Invest to existing Bain shareholders. In order to create a "more complete crypto investment group," BC-Invest has been spun out of Bain and becomes an independent company.

BC-Invest invests in two main areas and the firm has professionals with some of the best operational expertise and industry knowledge in the industry. The management team is constantly improving the quality of its services, product range and efficiency. This is helping the company increase its market share while creating a better investment climate and returns for investors.

A cornerstone of BC-Invest philosophy is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors through rigorous due diligence at the industry, company and individual security levels. BC-Invest seeks to maximize expected returns, not potential returns, through fundamentally-driven, bottom-up sound selection utilizing the depth and experience of their investment team.

Image Caption: Part of the Spin-Off Agreement

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