Bay App Studios Highlights Consumer Browsing Preferences

Consumers prefer apps for certain activities and mobile browsers for others reports Bay App Studios.

In developed nations, consumers prefer to use mobile web over mobile apps, although neither is used exclusively, according to Statistic Brain. In the United States, 46.7 percent used a browser, app or download, with 36.4 percent using a browser and 34.4 percent using an app. In Europe, these numbers continue to be slightly lower, with 41.1 percent using one of these three options while, in Japan, the numbers go up significantly. In this country, 76.8 percent use a browser app or download. "Companies must be aware of these statistics and work to develop an overall digital strategy which takes into account consumer needs and preferences, no matter where the customer is located," Nicolas Baron of Bay App Studies, a bay area web design and development company, explains.

An SEO friendly mobile site continues to be of great importance as 95 percent of users search for local information with 88 percent of the searches conducted leading to action being taken the same day. Consumers desire an exceptional browsing experience, one requiring minimal typing and scrolling to avoid errors and yet they want much more than this. "When developing mobile app website designs, a company must focus on selecting suitable graphics to reduce upload time while creating an SEO friendly mobile site to increase company visibility and promotion," Baron continues.

A mobile website isn't enough anymore as numerous consumers choose to make use of an app rather than a website. Further statistics gathered by Statistic Brain show, in the United States, consumers choose an app over a browser for social networking, music, games and more. The same consumers choose a browser over an app for local information, news, video, sports, products reviews, banking and more. "Companies benefit from both a mobile website and app and yet understanding when a customer turns to a mobile site and when they turn to an app remains of great importance. Bay App Studios sits down with clients to create a digital strategy that takes company type and consumer preference into consideration along with numerous other factors," Baron declares.

Customers typically find it best to select a company that can assist with all aspects of web design and development, both for personal computers and mobile devices. "Bay App Studios understands the need for sites and applications which work across a variety of devices, ones which make the consumer's life easier, and strives to help clients implement digital strategies which move their business forward in every way. The success of a company becomes synonymous with the success of Bay App Studios," Baron exclaims.

About Bay App Studios:
Bay App Studios, a Silicon Valley company, specializes in customized business app development, enterprise web applications and marketing solutions. All work to help clients implement digital strategies which accelerate growth, exceed expectations and capitalize on new market opportunities. Client success becomes synonymous with the success of Bay App Studios and successful web and mobile applications come from an elegantly formed architecture; stunning, unique design; and a solid, well thought out strategy. The product needs to provide an experience or service which adds value to someone's life by satisfying a desire or fulfilling a need while positively impacting the overall business

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