Battery Bro Now Offer Shipment Of Cells Direct From Korea To The Customer Destination

Battery Bro can now help people get high grade lithium ion batteries from LGs own assembly lines and have them shipped direct to the end user thanks to new connections in Korea.

Batteries are now an essential part of our daily lives, and power many of our most crucial devices. What’s more, battery power is the key to utilizing renewable energy solutions in the future, so the market for batteries will only ever increase. Battery Bro is a Hong Kong company that anticipated this demand, and set about creating the infrastructure to be a key player in the supply of high quality batteries throughout the world. They have just struck a deal with LG to have their large volume requests delivered worldwide to order, together with worldwide shipping on small scale orders.

The company can now offer LG Lithium-ion 18650 battery packs on large scale orders, delivered anywhere in the world with an 8-12 week turnaround. The batteries are quality assured by LG themselves, and are scalable for all devices, whether it be mobile phones to electric cars, to major cutting edge technology undertakings.

They have also introduced a new international shipping option using PostNord to sell small quantities of 18650 battery cells, for orders under fifty units to over 70 countries worldwide, meaning the size or economic power of a nation has no bearing on their access to cutting edge technology.

A spokesperson for Battery Bro explained, “The new delivery capability is exciting for us and for customers. It enables us to deliver not just to multinational businesses around the world making large scale orders, but to individuals and SMEs, for whom battery power is a fundamental part of the products they are using or developing. By shipping directly from Korea to the end user, we are cutting out a significant portion of the order time and improving the quality of our service without affecting the price, while PostNord enables us to scale down more cost-effectively than ever before, making us one of the best battery providers on the market right now.”

About Battery Bro: Battery Bro provide lithium-ion 18650 cells for emerging technologies like drones, robots, e-cigarettes, and electric vehicles. They are based out of Hong Kong and have been around since 2014. They provide cells at-cost to hyperloop and mars rover competitors, while offering amazing rates to business and private buyers.

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