Bathroom Remodels Gaining Steam as Home Renovation Projects Continue to Surge

New bathroom design trends are being influenced by homeowners' time spent in this area of the home

According to the latest reports from the residential construction and home improvement sectors, remodeling projects have surged in recent years with an increase of more than 4 percent during the first quarter of this year alone. While homeowners are directing their attention toward various areas of their homes and surrounding properties, current figures show bathrooms are among the most popular target areas. This particular space in a home is also known to generate one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement venture.

Common Reasons for Remodeling Bathrooms

In a recent survey, respondents were asked how much time they spent in the bathroom on average. Results of this poll indicated typical Americans will ultimately allocate 416 days to bathroom activities during their lifetimes. Based on this figure, the bathroom is poised to outrank the kitchen as the most popular room in the average home.

When questioned about how this time is spent, showering and getting ready for work ranked at the top of the list. Many also pointed to alone time as a common reason for lengthy bathroom sojourns. Cleaning the bathroom was likewise cited as reason for spending considerable amounts of time in this area of the home.

These factors are largely prompting homeowners to revamp their bathrooms. At the same time, Americans are expressing a great deal of frustration over having to share this space with other members of their households. Because of this, bathroom additions are also becoming increasingly popular.

How Mindsets Are Influencing Remodels

Those typical lines of reasoning are among the most common for homeowners deciding to remodel or add bathrooms, but their impact goes even further. They are also major influencers in the elements being incorporated into these projects. This certainly shows in the types of changes currently being made to today's bathrooms.

Bathroom Vanity designs are evolving to meet the growing needs and changing expectations of homeowners. Though these fixtures are still often being placed along walls with accompanying mirrors fixed in place, people are also increasingly choosing to have their vanities installed in front of windows. Natural light provided by those windows dovetails with the amount of time spent on grooming, hair styling and putting on makeup. Mirrors for these vanities are trending toward telescoping or hinged models being placed beside the window where they can be adjusted when in use and tucked neatly away at other times.

Marble continues to be a material of choice for showers, floors and countertops with black and gray being top color picks. Concrete is also rising to fame for these design aspects because of its growing versatility in color, design and finish options. These materials are stain and impact resistant and simple to clean and sanitize, and such traits are believed to be as important as style and beauty in the eyes of homeowners considering the amount of time devoted to cleaning bathrooms at present.

Bottom Line

Modern Bathroom Vanity designs are significant elements in the growing number of remodels taking place across the nation. Showers are also receiving considerable attention with hidden drains, waterfall shower heads, side jets and digital temperature and water pressure controls being new favorites among homeowners. In terms of faucets and other hardware, gunmetal and pewter are the current finishes of choice.

Market analysts expect the growing trend toward bathroom revamps to continue well into the coming decade. Popular design themes are branching out in numerous directions ranging from ultramodern and sophisticated to rustic and simplistic. Decorative motif aside, comfort and convenience are two elements homeowners are not overlooking.

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