Bat Removal Specialists Publish Information On Humane, Safe & Effective Bat Removal

Bat Removal Specialists is helping home and office owners safely and humanely remove bats, and has created a new briefing on the importance of humane treatment when dealing with bats.

The pest control industry has done little to develop alternatives for bat removal, or to ease the anxieties of homeowners who have bats nesting in their house. They have instead relied on the tactics of the exterminator: repellents, toxins, and passing. Not only does this kill or injure the bats, but it increases the damage to properties. Bat Removal Specialists are unique: they do not offer any type of pest control, and specialize only in Bat Removal and Animal Control. Their founder, Brendan Mangnitz, is now sharing bat control information, highlighting the importance of dealing with bats humanely.

In the information, he explains how important bats are to the local eco-system, and how helpful they are in controlling the bugs and mosquitoes we call pests. He then describes how small fissures in walls, or cracks in the mortar can give bats the opening they need to get into attics and hearths, and nest there.

The information also lists the humane ways in which they are able to control the populations. They use ‘exclusion’ to offer bats a way out through a unique ‘bat valve’, which allows the bats out but not back in again, while sealing off any other potential entrances. They also install bat houses in 75% of the homes they visit, to provide a controlled environment separate from the human home in which the bats can nest.

His tale also recounts how families came for a sunset picnic to watch the bats take flight and feed, demonstrating the importance of changing the perception of bats among homeowners, and encouraging people to join the North American Bat House Research Project.

Bat Removal Specialists’ Brendan Mangnitz explained, “Diplomacy and patience are my primary advantages in working out homeowners' first concerns about bat control, and working in a way that can be both safe and humane for the animals. I talked to a homeowner and happy customer this winter, and she said she wanted an even bigger bat house on her adjoining wall for springtime, to see if the bats would favour the higher temperature. We are changing perceptions, one person at a time, and this is invaluable work to undertake. We encourage anyone in Texas or Florida to call us if ever they have a bat problem.”

About Bat Removal Specialists: Bat Removal Specialists was founded by Brendan Mangnitz, the Current President of the Centurian Wildlife Control Company. They are a wildlife and animal control company based in Melbourne FL with offices throughout all of Florida and Texas. Brendan educates pest control operators and the public in protecting non-game wildlife in Florida and Texas. He graduated from the University of South Florida with his Business Management Degree and the University of Florida with his Entomology and Wildlife Biology Degree.

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