Barry Burns Reveals the Secret Behind Making Good Investments

Barry Burns, a leading stock market trading educator, Addresses the Issue of Being a Success in the Stock Market.

Barry Burns, author of Trend Trading For Dummies (Wiley Publishing), is a stock market trading educator who has a passion for teaching others what it takes to successfully trade the financial markets.

Said Barry Burns: “Some people make money trading the markets and a few even make huge sums, but the majority fail to succeed. There is no ‘Holy Grail.’ Profitable trading is about finding a market that is strong at the current time, and trading that market with impeccable discipline and risk management.”

Warren Buffet concurs by saying “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

This conclusion is further echoed by Jim Cramer who said “There is always a bull market somewhere, and I want to help you find it.”

About Barry Burns:
Barry Burns is the founder of which provides trading education worldwide. He is the author of “Trend Trading For Dummies” (Wiley), an expert on the topic of trading the financial markets, and provides training for brokerage firms, exchanges, conferences and trading organizations

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