Barrel Maker Printing Helps Found TShirt Line to Make it Better: Allmade Apparel has issued a challenge to all businesses who care about their impact to place their next t-shirt order on Allmade Apparel

A company known for high-quality, Eco friendly screen printing services, Barrel Maker Printing, is proud to challenge other business owners to "make a difference," in their latest efforts to reduce the negative impact of the t-shirt industry on the environment, as well as, break the poverty cycle exploited through the manufacturing of blank goods.

"If you want to help make a difference, just printing on an Allmade Apparel t-shirt is a good start," stated company President Erin Moore. "With just one 500-piece shirt order, you can save approximately 3,000 water bottles from going to the landfill, while supporting a thriving wage manufacturing facility; however, that's not all. This purchase will also help to support the U.S. agricultural economy, and you receive a premium garment."

Together with other like-minded printers, Barrel Maker Printing helped to found Allmade Apparel to reduce the negative impacts of their industry on the global community. Partnering with the Global Orphan Project (GOEX), Allmade constructs their garments in a thriving wage facility in Haiti, which prevents economic orphans, keeps families together, and works to eliminate generational poverty. Every employee constructing Allmade's shirts are making 5 times the minimum wage in a transparent pay structure. Each employee also has healthcare, comfortable well-lit workstations, cross-training, and a free meal every day.

More information about Allmade Apparel and how to support this cause can be found by visiting the Barrel Maker Printing website.

Allmade also addresses environmental concerns, by using only US grown organic cotton, polyester made from recycled water bottles, and Modal (a natural sustainable wood fiber) instead of rayon. Because they were formulated by screen printers, they are made to display the logos and vision of any business better than other t-shirts, offering a flat surface textile that works well with all ink types.

"The fact is, we choose our impact every time we spend money," continued Moore. "We are encouraging business owners who are buying t-shirts for their company or who are interested in Custom screen printing to contact Barrel Maker and be a part of this movement to make it better!"

More information about Allmade Apparel and how to support this cause can be found by visiting the Barrel Maker Printing website.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Barrel Maker Printing is a respected and reliable screen printing company that focuses on high volume eco-friendly printing of T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Promotional Apparel. They're in a unique position to handle both small and large orders while working with brands that are trying to make a positive impact or change in the world through their day to day work. The husband and wife team also teach screen printing classes and operate an active event company For more info on Barrel Maker visit

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