BankOnBuffalo, a Division of CNB Bank, Opened in 2016 and Grew to Over $1 Billion in Assets in Just Seven Years. Now Impressia Bank, CNB Bank’s Division Focused on the Financial Goals of Women, Is Ready

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A “she-conomy” is growing in the United States thanks to a historic number of women-led startups and the transfer of roughly $30 trillion to women from Baby Boomers’ estates. Recognizing this growth, Impressia Bank is changing that by redefining banking relationships.

“Banks were built for someone else, not for today’s women,” explains Buffalo native Mary Kate Loftus, president of Impressia Bank. “Led and inspired by women, Impressia is the preferred bank for anyone who desires strong personal relationships. This isn’t just a great banking experience for women. It’s a great experience for everyone.” 

Focused on elevating women business owners and women in leadership, Impressia provides clients with innovative resources and redefines the banker/client relationship. Those resources include education, grant support, SBA support, private network access, a dedicated news feed, and more–all to provide credit access, promote financial literacy, and support business development for the women’s economy.

The Personal Touch

Impressia Bank competes toe-to-toe with some of the largest banks in the country. All commercial and personal services–including digital and traditional banking services, checking, savings, loans, credit cards, cash management, treasury services, and more–are accessible via Impressia or at any of CNB Bank’s 51 branches in four states.

Impressia also offers clients the opportunity to build a robust network of professionals. Women entrepreneurs, executives, and others with significant assets often find themselves making major financial decisions. At Impressia, clients build strong networks that can create wealth, enhance careers, and fuel businesses.

Access to Capital

The bank’s lending process is simple, fair, personalized, and easy. The small business express loan, for example, begins with the ease of a digital application. Then, a real person, not an algorithm, reviews the application, and every applicant gets a call from a lending expert who takes a holistic look at their needs. “If someone has a dream, we need to make it as easy as possible to get there. We look for ways to say ‘yes,’” says Martha Seidenwand, a veteran of the small business funding space.

Due to its relationship with CNB Bank, a full-service bank with $5.7 billion in assets, Impressia has the financial strength to fund projects ranging from $5,000 to complex, multimillion-dollar proposals.

“To put it simply,” says Loftus, “our ambition is to not just be our customer’s bank, but to be the trusted partner needed on this financial journey to grow their business and pursue their dreams.

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Name: Mary Kate Loftus
Email: Send Email
Organization: Impressia Bank
Address: 535 Washington Street Suite 707 Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: 716-290-6817

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Name: Mary Kate Loftus
Email: Send Email
Organization: Impressia Bank
Address: 535 Washington Street Suite 707 Buffalo, NY 14203
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