Ballena Nelle Announces 26% Discount For Turmeric Curcumin Promotion

Ballena Nelle, a dietary supplement company specializing in a product selection backed up with clinical research showing real health benefits, has announced a promotion for its turmeric curcumin capsules.

Customers shopping on can now purchase this all natural turmeric curcumin at a 26% discount from the regular price.

Turmeric is one of the most widely studied botanical substances for health benefits and has taken off in popularity here in North America in recent years. Researchers have documented its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities and are now studying it to determine its possible use in preventative cancer treatments . Naturopaths already widely recommend turmeric as a preventative measure for all cancers.

“You can't really overstate the health benefits to curcumin” said Peter Trendle, Marketing Director for Ballena Nelle. “There's no question it is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory but science is also investigating its potential role as a cancer prevention strategy. It seems to inhibit many of the inflammatory pathways that lead to cancer.”

Each bottle of Ballena Nelle turmeric contains 60 capsules of the highest quality curcumin complex, standardized to 95%. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric providing all the health benefits, however makes up only about 3% of the root of the plant. “You really need to read the labels when choosing your brand” said Trendle. “Many turmeric supplements are not standardized to isolate and concentrate the curcumin and do not have the same health benefit.”

The Ballena Nelle blend also contains white willow bark and boswellia, two natural ingredients with extremely effective anti-inflammation qualities. The company wanted to produce a supplement that delivers all the health benefits of curcumin, but also contained added anti-inflammation strength for natural pain relief.

“We believe this supplement is unique” said Trendle. “We've concentrated on providing real natural relief for people suffering from chronic pain issues like arthritis and joint problems but it's also got an added anti-oxidant blend so it's more powerful than just a standard turmeric supplement for overall health and anti-aging.”

Since first introducing this supplement in January 2014 the company has received very positive reviews. These can be seen on the amazon product page at

Ballena Nelle is a company dedicated to providing quality nutritional supplements with real health benefits. Products are based on recommendations from a Naturopathic Advisory Board and are manufactured in a facility that is USDA inspected and GMP certified. For more information, please visit

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