Ball Media Is Helping Businesses Create Effective Videos Without Shooting New Footage

The production company combines professional editing services with the creative use of animation and stock footage to help companies put together any kind of video they need.

Trying to put together a corporate video can be a challenge. Shooting days are expensive, and even after the shooting day is done, there’s still a ton of editing and post-production work required before reaching a professional final product. Ball Media Innovations specializes in making that entire process easier and smoother while also improving the quality of the final product.

Ball Media Innovations (BMI) is a Florida-based company that specializes in video production and post-production. They create high-quality and affordable videos that help their clients effectively reach their goals, whether it be putting together a sales video, a corporate presentation, or an informational video.

For those clients who are looking to lower costs or save time, they can create videos from scratch without the need for shooting. As the company explains: “We can make your videos from scratch using stock footage and photos, or we can use your videos, slides, and photos. We can even make fully animated videos. We'll take care of everything from music, titles, and voice narration to animations. Then if needed, we can translate your video into almost any language!”

The company is flexible on how involved they are with the video-making process. While they offer video production services in Florida, and they offer crews throughout the country, the company also works with clients nationally who want to shoot their own footage — or have already done so. BMI offers professional-tier video editing services that help turn raw footage into a cohesive video. One that matches the tone the company is after and helps get across the desired message.

Sometimes a client comes with their own footage, and they realize that their shooting days did not go as planned. They didn’t get all the footage they needed for the video. That’s another circumstance where the company’s ability to complete a video without the need to shoot additional footage comes in.

BMI is usually able to finish the video by leveraging their creativity and experience. They can edit the video by using creative cuts, stock footage, narration, animation, and many other techniques to help you get the most out of the footage you have. Their commitment to giving clients access to top-tier talent is a big part of what allows them to deliver results even in difficult situations.

BMI only works with “a-list crew members and top USA-based artists”, as their website explains. When it comes to editing services, there’s a good chance you’ll be working with the company founder himself. Ball Media Innovations president Greg Ball works directly with most clients when editing projects, giving them access to his over 25 years of editing experience. Before founding BMI, Greg managed Burger King Corporation's Worldwide Video Communications department.

On the animation front, the company also offers talented USA-based artists. Animation is more than just a tool to help clients complete videos without the need for new footage — BMI also creates entire animated videos, working with clients every step of the way. This means they can handle not only the animation, but can also write scripts, hire voice actors, handle post-production, and more.

The only time BMI doesn’t use USA-based artists is when translating videos. The company offers video translation services, translating them into most languages spoken today. For this task, they use authentic in-country translation teams. Editing, animation, and translation services are only a few of the jobs the company can perform; a full list of their services is available on their website,

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