Bail Bonds Direct Los Angeles Launches Support for Spanish Speaking Citizens

Bail Bonds Direct offer unparalleled expertize in both process and execution ensuring speedy release for arrested individuals. They have now extended this to help Spanish speaking residents.

If someone is arrested, they must have a bail bondsman who will offer surety in the form of a monetary penalty if an individual fails to show up to their court date once released. Many prefer not to put this burden on their friends and family, and so turn to a Bail Bonds company. Bail Bonds Direct is one of the most professional and well respected in LA, and know the jail system inside out. This allows them a significant edge over the system in getting people out quickly and easily. Their website now supports Spanish speaking residents of LA so they can help even more people.

The Bail Bonds Direct system uses an 8% or 10% rate as approved by the state of California and will perform a ten to fifteen minute consultation to determine what rate an individual qualifies for. They have all the information and forms required for every institution in LA, many of whom have different processes for release.

The company will work with the individual or with their loved ones and family to expedite their release and their site includes detailed information on every step of the process, including all the necessary forms. The phone is always answered by a qualified and licensed agent with no intermediaries to ensure the process is as quick and painless as possible.

A spokesperson for Bail Bonds Direct explained, “Whether people simply need immediate service or even if they only have questions on how bail bonds work, we are here to guide them every step of the way and give them all the bail bond information they might need during such a troubling time. We can help both the individual and their loved ones either online or on the phone. We believe that the fast, friendly, local and confidential service we provide is the best in the business, and that through us people can find their freedom again to begin moving beyond the initial shock of an arrest and toward mounting their defense. With a high proportion of Spanish speaking residents in LA we are delighted to fully support them via the updated website or in person.”

About Bail Bonds Direct:
Bail Bonds Direct off the lowest bail rates in Los Angeles thanks to their encyclopedic knowledge of the topic area and their 12 years of experience dealing with LA jails. They offer free phone consultations and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, taking individuals through every process and requirement to ensure bail bonds are successfully and rapidly turned in to the authorities.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
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Organization: Brandoutreach
Phone: (415) 632 1664

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