Baihua Appeared on Nasdaq on Mar 15th

In March 2018, on the International Consumer Rights Day, Baihua, as one of the representatives of national integrity brands in China, appeared on the NASDAQ screen in New York's times square, drawing the attention both at home and abroad.

In March 2018, on the International Consumer Rights Day, Baihua, as one of the representatives of national integrity brands in China, appeared on the NASDAQ screen in New York's times square, drawing the attention both at home and abroad.

Baihua is the Chinese time-honored bee products enterprise which is recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. The Chinese time-honored brand is the representative of Chinese national business and national brand, which is the important bearing of traditional Chinese business culture and business ethics.

The core value of the enterprise is "diligence, thrift and honesty". Integrity is to keep promise, not to deceive, to treat people with sincerity and respect. Thrift and integrity is key component in our country outstanding traditional culture , is also the reason why the Chinese enterprises, especially the old ones, can continue more than one century.

The company's appearance on the NASDAQ screen is an important step in the internationalization of Baihua. It also spreads the business culture and business ethics of China's integrity, and promotes the Chinese bee product industry.


Time-honored Baihua

Baihua’s history can be traced back to Yongfeng honey shop founded in the year of 1833 in the Qing dynasty. In the late Qing dynasty, the famous "qinghua zhai" and "qing shun zhai" were used to specify the supply of Yongfeng honey shop.

In 1956, Yongfeng honey shop, Wanhe apiary, Zhicheng apiary and other  established the Beiijng Wax Processing Plant in public-private partnership, later renamed the Beijing Bee Products Company. It provided traditional Chinese medicinal honey and wax for domestic enterprises in the long term , and became an important enterprise of honey foreign trade export.

In the 1980s, Baihua was the first to divide honey products into the flower seeds of honey plants, which became the basic rules of honey varieties in the market. Next, Baihua was committed to the comprehensive development of bee products. It developed honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and related health care products, cosmetic products, nearly 200 varieties of product system, providing the public with more care solutions.


Blossoming Baihua

Due to the influence in bee products industry and the selfless dedication for the industry development, Baihua becomes the founding member unit of China Bee Products Association , has served continuously as vice President unit of China Bee Products Association and the director unit of the honey branch of China Bees Association. It drafted and participated in the formulation of dozens of product standards, including the national standards of honey, royal jelly, bee glue, bee pollen.

With its long history, good reputation and high market influence, Baihua in 2006 was recognized by the state as one of the first batch of Chinese time-honored enterprises.. In 2008, it were awarded as China's famous trademark.

In 2008, the 29th Olympic Games was held in Beijing. By the strict audit and supervision, Baihua successfully completed the mission of supplying honey for the Olympic games and the Paralympic games. Baihua got the BOCOG's recognition, which was the highest certification of Baihua’s credibility and quality.

On the basis of inheriting the traditional honey inspection and processing techniques, Baihua continuously improved the efficiency and quality of honey processing. In 2012, "Beijing Baihua honey traditional processing technique" was listed in the intangible cultural heritage list.

When the electronic commerce quietly emerged, Baihua keenly became the first "touch net" enterprise in the bee product industry. It opened flagship stores to sell its bee products in Tmall, Jingdong and other main electric business platforms. Using its brand awareness and first-mover advantage, keeping up to now, Baihua quickly became the No.1 of bee products sales in the whole network, and was awarded as "E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise" by the Ministry of Commerce.


Booming Baihua

Baihua is traditional, yet innovative. It is continuously exploring based on the trend of development and guidance of national policies, so as to accumulate energy for the continuation of the glory and the redevelopment.

In order to meet the growing demand for refined living, Baihua is  elaborately creating the high-end brand of "Chaoben" to provide consumers with rare and high-end bee products.

Under the guidance of the country's targeted poverty alleviation policy, Baihua has set its sights on China's excellent ecological resources and mountainous areas with poor economic development. According to the survey, China's key poverty-stricken areas have nearly 90 percent overlap beekeeping areas. The development of beekeeping can not only promote the local ecological improvement, but also benefit the protection of Chinese bee species. Baihua proposes "high-quality honey comes from original areas" development concept, which supports the development of poor mountainous areas beekeeping. At the same time, the the local harvest, local processing must be in accordance with the standards of Baihua, which guarantees the quality of products. Baihua creates a complete industrial chain of "one, two, three industries", which is a good way to combine targeted poverty alleviation with the upgrading of the bee industry.

Now, Baihua has introduced honey varieties from Qinba mountains in Shaanxi province,Hubei province, Yunnan province, Tibet and so on,  presenting a good growth trend.

Baihua not only stands at home, but also looks around the world, bringing the world's good honey to the Chinese consumers.

Under the background of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Baihua’s 45000 square meters new plant will be built in Langfang development zone. There will be the integration of the world's largest honey processing base, advanced bee products testing center, multimedia bee industry culture exhibition center, modern logistics and distribution of bee products bee products of high-end electric business center, etc.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Baihua will implement spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhering to the principle of serving the farmers, and compose a new chapter in the new era.

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