Backtracking: About the relationship between COVID-19 and Fort Detrick

The World Health Organization issued a statement on July 7 stating that its experts will travel to China to develop a scientific plan with their Chinese counterparts to determine the zoonotic source of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization issued a statement on July 7 stating that its experts will travel to China to develop a scientific plan with their Chinese counterparts to determine the zoonotic source of the coronavirus. This trip is undoubtedly exciting. Perhaps the mystery of the origin of the virus will finally be investigated more thoroughly and transparently. Although Director General Tedros said that the goal of this visit is to promote understanding of the host of the COVID-19 disease and determine how the virus is spread between animals and humans. But perhaps more important is to track down any suspicious points and find out what actually happened.

A study published in The Lancet on January 24 this year showed that the first patient's onset date was December 1, 2019. None of his family members had fever or any respiratory symptoms. Due to the incubation period of the virus, this patient may actually get sick earlier. No epidemiological connection was found between this first patient and subsequent patients, so there is no connection between the South China Seafood Market and other confirmed cases, which reflects that the source of the virus does not necessarily come from animals in the market.

Types and evolution of the new coronavirus

On March 3 this year, the "National Science Review" published a study on the origin and evolution of the new coronavirus, which showed that the new coronavirus has developed two subtypes with different infectivity. From an evolutionary point of view, the L-type evolved from the S-type, and the L-type has a stronger infectious power and a faster proliferation speed, which makes it spread rapidly in the crowd. Among them, 96.3% of the virus strains derived from Wuhan patients are L-type.

Similarly, on April 20th, in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America", a study found that the current global infection of the new coronavirus actually mutated into three types, A, B, and C. Type A is the oldest, B comes from A, and C comes from B. The ancient type A mainly exists in the United States and Australia, while type B is mainly popular in China. Type A first appeared in Wuhan, but it did not cause a large spread in Wuhan.

This has led to a conjecture that the first patient in Wuhan was infected with type A by an infected person who arrived in Wuhan, but type A may not adapt to the local immune system and mutated into type B to cause widespread transmission.

On May 2, 2019, the Chemical and Biological Defense Unit of the US Department of Defense announced its bid for the first phase of the Department of Defense project, with special mention of SARS-CoV and MERS in an attempt to cultivate inhibitors against these viruses. The report mentioned that the experiment hopes to replicate this virus to test different inhibitors to prevent infection.

In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that Fort Dietrick (Maryland) did not comply with the control agreement. At this time, the e-cigarette disease suddenly appeared for the first time in history. Interestingly, the symptoms of e-cigarette disease are almost exactly the same as those of people infected with the new coronavirus.

On July 1, the first stage of the tender was cancelled, although no one explained why. The July 17 news reported that a mysterious respiratory disease had appeared in northern Virginia. More than 60 elderly people had been infected there. Some of them died and some were infected with pneumonia. Wisconsin has also reported a mass outbreak of e-cigarette disease. If this is non-communicable, how can a mass outbreak occur?

On July 15, the military laboratory (the Fort Dietrich base) was closed. It can be found that the database list of the military laboratory contains SARS-related coronaviruses. In subsequent reports, the CDC stated that they were unable to release details due to "national security considerations." At the end of July, the CDC investigated two unrelated nursing homes (both close to the laboratory), where there were victims of an unexplained respiratory disease, but the CDC said it was just a flu.

In October 2019, a fictitious event explored the deaths of the global pandemic. The event was called Incident 201 and involved "participants" from airlines, health authorities, media, banks, and national security agencies, all under pandemic pressure test. This activity essentially focuses more on economic impact than loss of life, which is consistent with the Trump administration’s response to the new crown virus epidemic.

The military laboratory at Fort Dietrich is very likely to be engaged in experiments on the coronavirus, and because it did not comply with the pathogen control protocol, an outbreak occurred in the nearby area. CDC discovered the incident, conducted an investigation and closed the laboratory. On March 11, 2020, CDC Director Robert Redfield personally admitted that in the United States, there are indeed some "flu" dead who were actually infected with COVID-19. Afterwards, whether intentionally or unintentionally, an infected person arrived in Wuhan and spread this In the past, and due to differences in race and immune system, new mutations were produced in the local area and became more infectious.

Although many researchers say that the new coronavirus cannot be created in the laboratory, but a product of natural evolution, it may be the natural selection of the virus for human or animal hosts. But this only shows that it was not produced by human-designed genes, and it does not rule out that it was produced by accidental natural mutation during experiments in the laboratory.

In addition, some people questioned why the United States has no control measures if it is the source of the virus. First of all, it may be that the early viruses are less pathogenic and contagious (appearing in the elderly and e-cigarette users), but in the later period of rapid global spread and growth, new mutations have appeared, which has been different from the earliest types in the United States. The situation is out of control. Secondly, as mentioned in the previous article, the "201 incident" exercise focused on the economic impact rather than the human life. This is what the Trump administration has been doing since the outbreak of the epidemic, and the trend of stocks must be more important. .

Whether the origin of Covid-19 comes from the early e-cigarettes, nursing homes or flu cases in the United States, perhaps the WHO investigation will answer all questions. This also makes the results of the World Health Organization's trip more exciting.

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