Backlink WP Plugin Product Launch Announced

Backlink WP plugin removes the manual effort of identifying and building backlink to WordPress blogging platforms.

Backlink WP plugin, created by Konrad Braun, CEO of has been released to customers who are interested in getting other websites to link to their business sites. The creator of the Samson Elite WP plugin has been in the search engine optimization business for eight years and understands the importance of creating backlinks. At the same time, getting the backlinks can be a slow and tedious process. The result is the plugin which automates as much of the process as possible.

Speaking in an interview recently, Konrad Braun explained, “I've tried every ranking strategy known to man, and although I now have plenty of top search engine rankings, one thing is certain: Getting and keeping top Google rankings is hard, especially if you try doing all the link building manually. People say that backlinks don't work any more, but myself and Matt Cutts of Google's spam fighting team will tell you that the right kind of backlinks are still the strongest ranking factors for Google.”

The Samson Elite WP plugin will generate quality backlinks to a selected URL and does so automatically. Every time a post on the WP blog goes live, dozens of quality backlinks get generated. The original plugin generated backlinks on multiple indexing style sites, turning them into an RSS feed, which were then manually submitted to RSS aggregators and ping sites. The updated version is more powerful and is fully automated through a series of steps. This hands off approach will work on new blog posts and previously published posts alike, once the Samson system is set up.

The designer of the plugin is looking for good feedback about the effectiveness of the tool, as customer response will help make the Samson Elite even more powerful in the future. Konrad Braun is also interested in the success of those who use the tool.

Contact Info:
Name: Konrad Braun
Email: Send Email
Address: P.O. Box # 1230, Black Diamond, Calgary AB Canada
Phone: (928) 444-8514

Release ID: 107859