Babytree CEO Meets Barack Obama at GES

Allen Wang, Babytree CEO, delivered a dedicated speech on the company's future plans and mission to provide a foundation and offer assistance to young families in China.

The global education industry’s most prominent figures gathered in Beijing, China last month for the 2017 Global Education Summit (GES) Future Education Conference. Former U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a keynote address emphasizing the importance of early childhood education. Allen Wang, the founder and CEO of Babytree, had a chance to speak with Mr. Obama about Babytree and its mission. Mr. Obama enthusiastically expressed interest in learning more about education and families in China.

Mr. Wang spoke about the future of China's early childhood education system, and babytree’s mission to meet the increasing needs of young families. Later, he announced that Babytree plans to enter the offline market by opening a large number of community play centers.

Each year, nearly 20 million babies are born in China. As the demands of young families grow, the maternal and infant industry continues to develop. Babytree hopes that by expanding their business model to encompass offline services, they will satisfy these needs for Chinese families.

Babytree’s maternity and infant website ( was launched in 2007. By August of that same year, CNN listed Babytree as one of the "Ten Most Striking Business Models." In April 2013, the analytics company Alexa confirmed that Babytree had surpassed Babycenter, America’s leading online parenting platform. Since then, Babytree has become the most popular and most visited vertical maternity and infant online community in the world. Nowadays, when young mothers are asked about parenting secrets, they will often refer to Babytree.

During the past ten years, Babytree has built a widely popular online platform attuned to meeting a variety of needs for young families – from education to social development to consumption. New parents are able to learn from each other and gain insight.

Recently, Babytree became known globally after an American mom shared a video from Babytree WeTime on Facebook. The video, which was originally uploaded by the father on Babytree WeTime, captured a little baby named Titi fighting King Kong.

When asked how it has successfully operated for over a decade, Mr. Wang answered, "We have stayed true to our original mission.”

About Babytree

Babytree is a leading provider of maternal and infant services in China. It is committed to meeting the needs of young families through an online platform that provides education and networking opportunities. In this way, young Chinese mothers can better enjoy their family lives post-pregnancy.

Through deeply understanding the primary needs of its users, Babytree has become a leading web platform for mothers and children. It covers business sectors including the web-based community, commercial services (i.e. commodities, early childhood education, health, finance, tourism, family services, and so forth), original contents, and key opinion leaders (KOLs). Its main brands and products include 1), a vertical community website for mothers and babies, 2) Babytree Pregnancy, an APP designed to help mothers learn scientific childcare knowledge, exchange information, and make friends, 3) Babytree WeTime, an APP designed to help families record and share their baby's growth and family life, and 4) Meitunmama, an e-commerce APP that blends social, i.e. communities with e-commerce.

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