Baby Woolf Coin is the Only Meme Coin Needed in 2022 To Bring a Change

Baby Woolf Coin is a diverse group of people of all ages and nationalities. The platform aspires to provide "online learning access" to its users using the meme coin and NFT collections.

Baby Woolf Coin, which is based entirely on the term "Implementation of Free-learning Access," aims to provide a community of learners with an application where they can learn about a variety of topics such as Online Marketing, Game and Development, Coding for Children, Music, and Arts, English Literacy, Handicraft Making, Graphics Designing, Blockchain, and Financial Literacy. Furthermore, this platform functions as a bridge that connects people with similar fields and interests to develop friendships and develop feelings toward others.

The platform is now working on a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that depicts the (8) live generations of humans from 1992 to 2022. These generations include the 'Lost Generations' or the people during World War I; The 'Greatest Generations' or those who live during World War II and Great Depression; The 'Silent Generations' or known as 'The Lucky Few' who were born during 1928 to 1945; The 'Baby Boomers' during 1946 to 1964; 'Generation X or Gen X' between 1965 to 1980; 'Millennials or Gen Y' from 1981 to 1996; 'Generation Z or Zoomers' spanning from 1997 to 2012; and the 'Generation Alpha or Gen Alpha' who were born entirely on the 21st Century. These eight living generations engaged in an environment that was very distinct from what other present living generations have experienced, particularly during the early days of free online learning.

Elliot Masie once said: "We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning."

What makes Baby Woolf coin unique is its existence of NFT, which is much more than owning a digital art piece on Binance Smart Chain. More than 20,000 unique and non-identical NFT masterpieces are available on the platform. Get paid with 2% of the royalties earned for each masterpiece that a user holds. The Eight (8) living generations, Cyborgs, the 'Immortals,' and the last two 'Exceptional collections are all part of NFT's collection. If a user owns at least two NFTs from any prior collection, he or she will receive free NFTs on collections 4 and 5.

In addition, Baby Woolf coin will offer a new segment called Giveaways. During the minting and after-sale dates, users on the platform will participate in the special prizes program. Holders of the NFT collection will receive 40 percent of the profit generated by CyborgShop. Ownership of collections 1 and 2 entitles users to a reserve of twenty (20) quadrillion tokens, distributed to all holders over the next five years.

The function of NFTs does not end there. The collection will seek cooperation with a well-known brand to raise the bar. Following that, the NFTs will be turned into wearable fashion products such as apparel and footwear. Furthermore, by partnering with the top animation channels on YouTube, these collections will establish an animation series. A total of 5% of the revenues from the animation series will be shared among all NFT holders, while 10% of the profits will be shared among the Immortal NFT collection holders", and the remaining 5% will be used to buy back and burn Baby Woolf coins. In the end, a total of US$300,000 will be returned to the NFT community.

The platform's goal is furthered via providing US$28,000 to a charity chosen by its holders, as well as NFT Merch Shops, Mystery Boxes giveaways, a play-to-earn game, and the metaverse.

Baby Woolf Coin is a platform or community built on the foundations of loyalty, strong family bonds, communication, education, understanding, and intellect. The project is a meme token that gives people of different ages and ethnicities the ability to express themselves. To further the initiative, it wants to remain a token that leads and encourages individuals to take advantage of free online learning opportunities available to anybody in the world.

Users willing to be a part of the Baby Woolf Coin community can join its Telegram. Moreover, to remain updated, please follow Baby Woolf Coin on Facebook or visit the website here for more information.

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