Babelbark Launches First-Ever App Based Two-Way Pet Journaling Connecting With Pet Owners In New Cost-Effective Ways

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BabelBark is a unique digital platform dedicated to easily connecting families to the many facets of their pet’s life.

BabelBark, Inc., a fully integrated digital platform bridging communications between pet parents and all their service providers, announced today the launch of the first-ever fully integrated two-way pet journaling across the pet professions. The new feature to its BabelVet, BizBark and BabelBark apps, connects pet owners to their veterinarians, groomers, trainers and shelters with important messaging, medical status photographs, nutritional requirements, medication compliance and much more.

Today, one of the biggest challenges veterinarians face with pet owners is compliance and ensuring regular well-visits. In a day and age where even text messaging is becoming overwhelming, practices all across the country are looking for new ways to connect with their pet owners and vice versa.

“Pet parents want to take the best care of their pets and there is so much information now about pet care that is just makes sense for veterinarians to improve the connection with pet owners through technology and deliver individualized information and consultation to each pet parent,” says Kerri Marshall, DVM and Chief Veterinary Officer at BabelBark.

Technology has driven consumer to use applications for their daily needs, whether with Amazon or with Netflix. Recent research shows that 90 percent of a consumer’s time spent on their mobile device in applications and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet (eMarketer, 2018).

The new two-way journaling by BabelBark gives pet owners the opportunity to document what is happening with their pet, through both written notes and photographs. This journal is then automatically uploaded to their veterinarian. This approach to communications will be alluring to many veterinarians because it is asynchronous, meaning the veterinarian can review the journal entries at a time that is convenient and not disrupt their current patient schedule.

“As we have moved to an application-based society, it only makes sense we created a platform for pet owners to engage with their veterinarians, says Roy Stein, founder and CEO of BabelBark, “We see this new means of communication vital to elevate the veterinarian/client relationship. Now pet owners can document when fluffy is not feeling well or when something doesn’t look right with a message or a photo and have the comfort of knowing the veterinarian is reviewing and guiding them.”

Is this a step toward telehealth for some hospitals? “It very well could be”, says Stein. “But more importantly, by connecting with the pet owner with two-way journaling, a veterinarian and their staff can ensure medication adherence, be alerted to dietary changes, basically get a complete snapshot of the pet’s health, all while not interrupting the daily flow of caring for other patients.”

The two-way journaling platform is secure for the transfer of confidential medical information. All data is stored in a secure AWS container managed thru Amazon Web Services which uses the same technology to secure Amazon’s platform. Everything is password-protected on both ends and encrypted in between transfer of information.

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About BabelBark, Inc.
BabelBark is a unique digital platform dedicated to easily connecting families to the many facets of their pet’s life. The integrated app and software system help pet parents better understand their dog or cat to provide them the happiest and healthiest life possible, while also helping pet businesses and veterinarians communicate directly to customers and clients. Ultimately, it means BabelBark can help connect the love for each pet while revolutionizing veterinary care and pet business models, giving pet parents a key tool, they want — a digital and personal healthcare team. For more information visit BabelBark, BizBark and BabelVet or email at

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