AwesomeAmy Publishes Reasons Not To Use Google Cloud Storage And Which Cloud Storage Providers Are Safe

AwesomeAmy has published a list of the top reasons not to use the appealing free cloud storage offered by Google to its many service users

Google’s Google Drive is an appealing product for many people. It offers a great deal of free cloud storage which can be accessed anywhere on almost any device with an internet connection, making it a preferable alternative to buying cloud hosting or the hardware to have cloud storage at home. However, using the Google Drive service does come with some risks and considerations that many people gloss over in their eagerness to use the apparent functionality. Many of these have been collated and explained by buzzfeed user AwesomeAmy, who has a reputation for making often obscure situations crystal clear.

In her latest editorial, Why Avoid Google Drive, AwesomeAmy explains the concept of cloud storage providers to those who may not have been introduced to it before describing Google Drive’s provisions. After introducing the apparent positives, the editorial then delves into the disadvantages.

Though free, the 15GB free allowance is insufficient for the best cloud storage usages, and there are many safety and privacy concerns. These have made headlines with celebrity photo hacks in recent months. Equally, the terms of service include invasive caveats, and the compatibility with iPhones, or lack thereof, can create chaos.

A spokesperson for AwesomeAmy explained, “AwesomeAmy has once again managed to create a clear portrait of why we should reject a seemingly irresistible offer. While Google Drive may seem appealing to many, a quick look deeper reveals a number of disadvantages that break the illusion of its appeal. Her editorial even includes a link to other services that offer better storage without any of the disadvantages of Google’s offering. So Amy has made sure people have all the facts and is giving people several options if they decide Google Drive is too risky. The Buzzfeed format is ideal for curating this kind of discussion, and makes it easy for readers to share with their friends, which we recommend they do.”

About AwesomeAmy: AwesomeAmy is a BuzzFeed user and their posts have not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. AwesomeAmy regularly publishes articles via Buzzfeed including editorial and advice content for entertainment, information and amusement. Her work is regularly updated and is characterized by in depth research conveyed in an accessible tone.

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