Avrek Law Wins Injury Case Against San Bernardino After Multiple Accidents On Washed Out Bridge

Avrek Law has succeeded in getting a $396K verdict for a plaintiff against San Bernardino County after a washed-out bridge caused dangerous road conditions for drivers.

Avrek Law has won a landmark case against the county of San Bernardino after a driver ran off a roadway into dry river bed because of a washed-out bridge, where warnings were found to be inadequate to warn of the danger. In Branson et. al, v. County of San Bernardino and County of San Bernardino v. James Schultz. Judge the Hon. Pamela King determined James Schultz, a 44 year old iron worker and Loren Branson a 44 year old tile worker, were entitled to $255,706.48 and $141,228.30 respectively after a single car collision that occurred on September 18, 2011 on Hinkley Road in the city of Barstow and the County of San Bernardino.

The portion of Hinkley Road contained a washed out bridge crossing over the Mojave River. In 2010, the bridge was damaged due to erosion caused by the current of the Mojave River. Avrek Law claimed this washed-out bridge caused dangerous road conditions. James Schultz was driving Loren Branson as they explored the desert landscape and surrounding area in Mr. Schultz's truck. There were no signs or barricades or other form of notice that the bridge had washed out. Unable to stop his vehicle, his truck plunged approximately 10 feet into a sand-bed below. Barricades and dirt beams were placed on the north side of the washed out bridge, roughly a quarter of a mile away.

In the incident, Loren Branson sustained lower back injuries and James Schultz sustained a fractured sternum. Thanks to an impassioned claim by Avrek Law Firm on their behalf, the judge determined that the driver had not been negligent and that the county’s measures to keep the road safe were insufficient. This resulted in an Avrek Law $396K verdict against San Bernardino County.

A spokesperson for Avrek Law Firm explained, “We are thrilled to be able to secure a verdict worth almost four hundred thousand dollars for our clients, and this amount speaks to how we always pursue the full claim amount that reflects the costs of medical care, rehabilitation, loss of earnings and emotional trauma caused by the accident.”

About Avrek Law Firm: Avrek Law Firm, has more than 30 years of combined experience in helping individuals in Irvine, Riverside, and surrounding communities in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, recover compensation for their personal injuries caused by others. In fact, we focus our entire practice on personal injury law.

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