Avrek Law Firm Begins Legal-Awareness Campaign Following Recent Train Accident

The firm is working to ensure that everyone understands how fault is determined and what the legal rights are for all victims.

The recent spate of train derailments and train/vehicle accidents has left many people wondering what the rights are for the innocent passengers on these trains. These people often have their lives changed forever following an incident such as this. The Avrek Law Firm understands this concern and has recently created an informational blog regarding how liability is determined in these incidents and what this means for those involved.

It is well-known that the legal system provides protection for those who are injured in incidents where they were not at fault. Victims are able to receive payment for bills related directly to the accident as well as for pain and suffering. Avrek attorney Alexander Sanchez explained how the determination of liability is reached.

“Obviously, the person who causes an accident is considered responsible. The Oxnard train crash that occurred at the end of February was caused by a driver who accidentally drove onto the tracks and then abandoned his vehicle and fled. There is no question that he holds a great deal of responsibility in this incident.”

However, Sanchez also explained that there can be others held liable as well. In this case the employer of the truck driver is an example of a third-party that may be named in a lawsuit following an accident. “Investigations are on-going at this time into this incident, because the full cause of the accident needs to be determined.” Stated Sanchez. “If the tracks were not properly maintained, those in charge of this task could be considered at-fault as well.”

The company wants everyone to realize that whether it was this incident or any other train accident lawyers are available to go over a case to help people understand their rights. Because of the severity of some of these cases, train accident injuries can leave people struggling to recover and pay their bills for years. This is exactly what personal injury law was designed to compensate.

“When we meet with a client,” Sanchez explained, “we research the full incident, interview witnesses and review any other evidence that exists regarding how the client has been affected. We use all of these facts to determine what the value for the pain, loss and injuries should be and then we fight to see that our clients get what they need. “

The experts at Avrek understands that the injured parties will often attempt to settle these cases on their own, but Sanchez advises strongly against this. “Insurance companies often either refuse compensation or they will offer the smallest amount they feel will be accepted. Their job is to protect their own interests and the interests of their clients. They are not interested in being fair. Only a qualified attorney with experience dealing with corporations and the insurance industry will be able to negotiate with these companies to get a fair and reasonable settlement.”

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