Avon Pest Control Releases New Guide to Bee and Wasp Control in British Columbia

Available now for free at company's website, comprehensive new guide covers everything from identification to safety concerns and removal, Avon Pest Control reports

Avon Pest Control, one of the Lower Mainland's leading pest control companies, has released a comprehensive new guide to bee and wasp control. The detailed new guide is available for free at the Avon Pest Control website, and covers everything from the risks associated with bees and wasps to identification, removal, and elimination techniques.

Issues like these are of increasing concern to many throughout the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. Hundreds of people worldwide die each because of allergic reactions to stings, for instance, but some species of bees are now considered endangered. That gives rise to a tension felt among many homeowners such that removal might be preferred over extermination.

As those who read more regarding such matters in the new Avon Pest Control guide will see, there are good, grounded answers to questions like these and others. Bee and wasp control can be a complicated subject, but anyone with an interest can easily learn more concerning any related issue thanks to the new Avon Pest Control guide.

"Summer is here, and that has many of the flying, stinging insects that live in the area at peak activity levels," said Avon Pest Control representative Gurnam Mann. "Bees and wasps range from entirely harmless to tenaciously aggressive, and homeowners are not always sure what they are dealing with at a glance. Our brand-new guide was designed to be a comprehensive, reliable resource for all in the Lower Mainland who are interested in learning more about these insects and how best to control them. A bit of understanding often goes a long way, and we think many are going to benefit from reading this new feature."

Together with ants and sawflies, bees and wasps make up the order Hymenoptera, a taxonomic group that includes more than 115,000 observed, described extant species. In both bees and wasps, along with many ants, the ovipositor that females use to lay eggs is often modified to form a stinger. Unlike other stinging members of Hymenoptera, the stingers of honeybees and certain other species are barbed such that they rip free after being used, killing the insect in the process.

British Columbia is home to numerous species of bees and wasps, many of which regularly build hives or nests around human dwellings and in other developed areas. As such, the new Avon Pest Control guide to bee and wasp control will be of interest to many in the area. With the guide available now at the Avon Pest Control website, learning more about the subject has never been easier.

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