Avalon Life Excited to Expand into the South American Market

The Avalon Life curriculum is based on weekly seminars that offer interested parties basic knowledge on cryptocurrencies and related products

Costa Rica-based Avalon Life has entered the South American market in January 2017 when CEO Thomas Graf visited Quito in Ecuador. This marked the beginning of active community and market development in South America, which is being supported by Frank Luetticke, Director of Latin America. The Avalon Life community is among the pioneering movements in the field of education on cryptocurrencies and blockchain development.

The Avalon Life curriculum is based on weekly seminars that offer interested parties basic knowledge on cryptocurrencies and related products, as well as further education on blockchain technology. In March 2017, the community organized its first Dash seminar in Ecuador, where the masternode and DAO concept was introduced. In September 2017,the first partner seminar in Quito was held, with additional information seminars held in Quito, Guayaquil and Bogota in Colombia with almost 300 participants from all over South America. In October 2017, Daniel Anastasia, Director Mercosur (Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile) joined the team of Avalon Life. Another highlight was the integration of the CriptoSchool (CriptoEscuela) into Avalon Life with education in Spanish on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Currently, focus of community expansion in South America is on Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, México, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile. In Quito, introduction of the first cryptocurrency ATM was met with great enthusiasm and interest by members of the Avalon Life community in February 2018, further paving the road towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. This year, expansion of the community has the objective to introduce new products and to enter into new partnerships in the most important Latin American markets. Thomas Graf, CEO of Avalon Life und Frank Luetticke, Director Latin America, visited Medellin, Colombia at the end of January 2018 to hold a seminar on Avalon Life products and services for networkers. Based on this visit, a strong new community is beginning to evolve in Colombia and its neighboring countries. Avalon Life is also working on projects involving governmental agencies with the objective to offer training to governmental representatives for the implementation of blockchain solutions in different countries.

Based in Costa Rica, Avalon Life offers in-depth cryptocurrency education and innovative blockchain solutions. The company’s product development places a focus on environmental sustainability, while merging new technology with an objective to foster social responsibility. In order to broaden participation with the alternative currency market, Avalon Life created a referral-marketing program, and later became the first provider to introduce mining packages with the X11 algorithm. Fueled by the fast evolution of blockchain technology, the company has cultivated strategic partnerships around the globe, and today offers unique blockchain products in numerous sectors within the industry. Their business model provides partners with extensive training, the opportunity for measured engagement in digital currency markets, and access to exclusive products.

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