Avalon Life Creates Project Greenearth.io to Map Rainforest

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Greenearth.io is currently retooling its website to make way for one of the most advanced blockchain based mapping projects in history.

Avalon Life has plans to change history and help the environment by kicking off a 30-day rainforest mapping project that utilizes blockchain technology, preserving the future growth of the forest in modern-day technological form. Avalon Life, an innovative crypto community based in Costa Rica, discusses how their project Greenearth.io is using revolutionary blockchain technology to make a positive impact on the environments of Central America.

Greenearth.io is currently retooling its website to make way for one of the most advanced blockchain based mapping projects in history – a comprehensive recording of the 8.1 million square meters of observation data inside Costa Rica. The project will utilize 50 satellite-controlled drones scheduled to record millions of hectares over 30 days starting in March 2018.

“Latitude and longitude coordinates will be uploaded via the drones to a database that will then generate smart contracts for each lands parcel through the use of Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol,” explained Avalon Life. “Once complete, the newly designed system will allow users to selectively choose which areas they are interested in preserving via an interactive map. These contracts will generate passive income in the form of carbon credits throughout the year and can be sold completely or partially to anyone at any time.”

The digital maps are easy to store, can readily accommodate an enormous range of scales, are viewed easily on computer displays, can facilitate measuring properties of the region being mapped, can show larger portions of the earth's surface at once, and are cheaper to produce and transport than traditional topography. It’s innovations like this that motivate Avalon Life to develop more technological solutions to preserve the environment with the assistance of blockchain technology.

Based in Costa Rica, Avalon Life offers in-depth cryptocurrency education and innovative blockchain solutions. The company’s product development places a focus on environmental sustainability, while merging new technology with an objective to foster social responsibility. In order to broaden participation with the alternative currency market, Avalon Life created a referral-marketing program, and later became the first provider to introduce mining packages with the X11 algorithm. Fueled by the fast evolution of blockchain technology, the company has cultivated strategic partnerships around the globe, and today offers unique blockchain products in numerous sectors within the industry. Their business model provides partners with extensive training, the opportunity for measured engagement in digital currency markets, and access to exclusive products. Avalon Life is also the exclusive distributor of Greenearth.

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