Autoradio1001 Launches Website For Car DVD Units

Autoradio1001 offers a wide range of automobile radios, DVD players and GPS devices for vehicle owners. The website is easy to use and transactions are secure

Autoradio1001 is pleased to announce the launch of a new online shopping site which features DVDs, GPS units and Android players for automobiles. The Units are available to fit dozens of different makes and models. The site is in 7 languages English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and French, but the brands are global. Vehicle owners who want to replace a unit or to upgrade will find a wide selection of units from which to choose. The equipment included in the catalog listings are helpful to any vehicle owner.

The website for the catalog entries is very simple and easy-to-use. For the customer who knows the make and model of the auto, browsing through the list of options is fast and convenient. The assumption is that the buyer has a firm idea of the specifications which are desired. The site is open around the clock with no concern about placing orders at any time and from any location which has an internet connection.

The site is secure so that customers are able to make a payment without concern for unwanted access to sensitive information. A variety of payment options are presented on the site.

A spokesperson for Autoradio1001 explained to an interviewer, “Our targeted driver is young or in the forties, single or with a family, prefers sports, luxury or adventure. Our online shop is directed at those with financial resources, preferences, and customization to accomplish the desired results. We offer a guarantee of satisfaction for each of the inventory items which are available online.”

A GPS car radio, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth system and HD touch screens of high quality and with competitive prices is the goal of Radio 1001. By offering a head start for high-range products, customers will have easy-to-use products which are accessible to everyone. For vehicles which do not have factory-installed devices featuring today's technology, AutoRadio products offers solutions.

Contact Info:
Name: Patrick Roy
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Organization: Autoradio 1001 SA
Address: 105 route des Pommier, 74370 St Martin Bellevue France
Phone: +33 473 148 144

Release ID: 105220