Auto Insure Savings Launch Mobile Website Optimized For Users On The Move

The new mobile website has led Auto Insure Savings to project a 300% increase in traffic to the site.

In today’s fast paced world, most people want to be able to find information quickly and without fuss. When it comes to comparing insurance quotes however, the process remains arduous even through popular price comparison sites. Information must be entered as to the kind of insurance individuals are looking for before they are then presented with a list of options, often from major providers who have sponsored their place in the results. Auto Insure Savings has always done things differently, and they have now sped up the process even more with a fully optimized mobile website.

The mobile site is designed to work on all major mobile devices and browsers, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The mobile site allows individuals to efficiently find auto insurance quotes from local and national providers without high resolution images or flashy graphics, keeping the mobile site friendly to bandwidth allowances as well as fast and efficient.

The initiative came after the group performed a study and discovered that as many as 30 out of 40 individuals were browsing on their mobile devices rather than on a computer. Most respondents explained that they are too busy to sit down and commit hours to finding insurance quotes, but still had a strong desire to get the best deal. The mobile site was designed to help them get the best of both worlds.

A spokesperson for Auto Insure Savings explained, “When comparing rates at, most users reported a high level of satisfaction with the experience due to the time saving manner in which searches are performed- users can simply enter their zip code to be provided with a list of providers both local and national offering the best deals on different kinds of insurance, which they can then quickly select to see only the relevant results. Narrowing the field like this allows users to call providers and confirm the quote before purchasing, saving them huge amounts of time. Being able to do so on a mobile device will now save them even more.”

About Auto Insure Savings
Auto Insure Savings was founded in 2012 and conducted a study of mobile users for industry search queries and found 30 out of 40 users are searching via mobile devices. Subsequently they created a website with full mobile optimisation to help individuals looking to find motor insurance quotes fast.

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