Authority College Press (PAC) Announces best performing professionals for the week of May 22, 2015 website that accepts nominees from the best performing professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of May 22, 2015.

(PAC) Authority College recognizes EmunoAirTM as 2015’s Most High Quality Energy Boost nutritional supplements provider company.

“As a scientist and Senior Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK) – it is my view that there is too much focus on promoting nutritional supplements without adequately informing the customer of the importance of stomach pH. Acidity in particular - at the stomach level - may destroy the nutrients contained in many vitamins, rendering them completely ineffective. This is particularly the case amongst those users advanced in age. Sadly the older we get the less able our gut microbiota stand able to cope with highly concentrated substances introduced to it. While the evidence concerning the benefits of supplementing our diets with quality nutrients found in vitamin, mineral and herbal preparations is clear, consideration as to the environment into which these preparations are being introduced is less so. At EmunoAirTM, our research has demonstrated that the single most effective means of ensuring the active ingredients in any supplement is absorbed by the stomach - is through the science of effervescence. Effervescence seeks to ensure that the gut pH is so adjusted as to offer the most suitable conditions whereby the active ingredients stand the best chance of being absorbed. EmunoAirTM Energy Boost is a proprietary blend of 20 Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs in an effervescent form. It also contains GNE3 a unique ingredient comprised of three of the most effective immune supportive and energy boosting herbs known to man.”

For more information or to contact EmunoAir Online at Telephone: Phone Number+1 800 934 2245 Email:

(PAC) Authority College recognizes I PRINT N MAIL as 2015’s Most Innovative Company in the Direct Mail Industry.

“I PRINT N MAIL is excited to introduce a partnership with Axciom, one of the leading data providers in the country. We now offer direct mail targeting NEW MOVERS into your area every week, so you always get the first opportunity to reach out to prospects who will be looking for new local businesses! $39 for 25 New Movers Every Week! No long term contracts, guaranteed freshest data without repeats, and exclusivity within your area!”

For more information or to contact I PRINT N MAIL’s sales and marketing department you can reach them at (866) 887-MAIL or to see if your area is still available.

(PAC) authoritycollege recognizes Get-Published-Get-Noticed a top professional in Media Marketing.

“Shawn Chhabra, Publishing Coach at This book is written for “non-writers” who are interested in one or more of the following in their life and their professional achievements. Your Book is Your Expanded Business Card! Author means Authority! This book is for those who have ever thought about publishing or who want to take their career into a new direction. Now non-writers can get published and get noticed" For more information or to contact Get Published Get Noticed Coaches by visiting online. . Author Shawn Chhabra provides free support at

(PAC) Authority College recognizes Mrs. Indu Chhabra a top professional in Recycling and Electronic Trade-In Industry.

“Selling your retired and surplus electronic equipment with is very quick, and simple. BuyBackQueen offers competitive pricing and peace of mind with our “no landfill” disposal policy. When you first upgrade to a new device is the best time to trade in and get cash for your old one when it is worth the most” says Indu Chhabra, CEO of BuyBackQueen, “If you have waited awhile and your device is no longer worth much you may try using one of our creative reuse ideas to make practical use of your old one.” “In addition to trading in you could also use your old smart device as MP3, Video Player, Alarm Clock, Video Recorder, Camera, Night Light, GPS, etc.” suggests Buy Back Queen, Indu Chhabra, “Let us keep our planet clean.” Source:

For more information or to contact Buy Back Queen’s trade-in experts you can call 001-314-475-3069 or toll free 1-844-380-3552

(PAC) Authority College recognizes a top professional in Electronic Recycling Industry.

“By following the R7 philosophy and adopting one or more suggested ways to solve electronic waste problem we can make a difference. Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Rethink, Repair, and Renew. Every day more and more smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices are being upgraded and older models are ending up in landfills. According to Shawn Chhabra, the founder of R7, has the creative solutions to reduce the electronic waste. Shawn suggests the managing and minimizing E-Waste the R7 way.”

For more information or to contact r7approved you can visit

(PAC) Authority College recognizes as a top professional in Online Distance Learning.

“You can become a Holistic Health Professional in about 1 year. This is your chance to become a profitable Holistic Wellness Provider! Our online classes are designed to meet your needs and provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget. Natural Healing College announced that the majority of new students are taking advantage of Zero Interest Tuition Plan. Natural Healing College’s Holistic, Aromatherapy and Herbalism, Nutritional Wellness programs are designed to provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget.”

For more information or to contact Holistic Health College at

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