Author Uses Mojo Global’s LinkedIn Lead Generation System To Grow Fanbase and Clients

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Most know that a successful social media marketing campaign can help create a base of raving and loyal fans who will promote your business and purchase from it. Since LinkedIn is "the" professional social networking site finding a system that helps you do so can be as exciting as striking gold.

Successful marketers will say that one of the best ways for a business to promote their services or products is to find a way to build relationships with their core audience on social media. Consistently doing so helps create a base of raving fans. Mojo Global has helped Author and Book Writing Success Coach Shelly Gillespie do just that with their proprietary software.

“The core book-buying audience uses social media (and so do all those other folks who will buy books if they hear about them…)” according to Peter McCarthy. “It is difficult for me to think of any other efforts publishers can employ that will yield the insights and long-lasting audience development of social media,” says Mr. McCarthy.

Shelley Gillespie is a Book Writing Success Coach who inspires and guides her clients to complete their writing projects on a timely basis. Using the Mojo Global Lead Generation System on LinkedIn has allowed Ms. Gillespie to get her award-winning journalist, author and speaker expertise in front of brand new high-end clients.

“My business has been helped immeasurably by using Mojo’s software. The results are phenomenal, and I am signing high quality clients,” according to Ms. Gillespie. “I am not technical but if I have a problem I call Mojo’s customer service, and they are helpful and patient and give new meaning to the word responsive.”

Mojo Global has clients in over 30 countries and generates 7-figures a year in business. They were bestowed the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” Award by the Phoenix Business Journal and the Best Video Product of 2012 by Icon Media for their Proprietary LinkedIn Lead Generation Software.

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Mojo Global’s vision is to empower entrepreneurs all over the world to go from being stuck to unstoppable.

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