Author Seth Lederman Releases New Book and Hits Three Different Amazon Best Seller Lists

Seth Lederman, best selling author, releases new book, Simple Idea - Extraordinary Results, and hits three different amazon best seller lists.

Authority Media Group, LLC announced Seth Lederman's book, “Simple Ideas - Extraordinary Results” hit #14 on the Amazon Best Seller List in the Web Marketing category as well as number #37 in the E-Commerce category and #27 in Marketing / Web Marketing.

This triple best-selling book was released on February 4th, 2014 and in it Mr. Lederman shares a how he helps sort through the potential businesses that may be appropriate for an individual. His specialized knowledge of this topic, and wanting to share with a mass audience, was his reason for writing this book.

Mr. Lederman states, “Being a franchise consultant really resonated with me because of my knowledge base and my experience and how I built my businesses. I could really help people navigate the system. There are so many franchises out there and not all of them are perfect.”

Today, Lederman can help a successful business owner decide whether they should consider franchising as an appropriate growth strategy to scale their business. He is skilled at determining if franchising would make sense for a particular business and can assist with the steps that would make this a reality. He can provide both the resources and franchise development services providers to assist with this aspect of business growth.

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