Author Rama Raju’s New Book Titled ‘MOVE The President’ Reveals a Winning Political Strategy.

“We must MOVE (Make Our Votes Elect) the President of the United States,” says Rama Raju

Entrepreneur and political observer Rama Raju has come out with a valuable contribution to the U.S. election process in his new book, M.O.V.E. The President: Make Our Votes Elect The President Of The United States of America. Just when the country is buzzing with the outcomes of the presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and the VP debates between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, this is a timely and valuable reminder to every voter to consider how their vote will really matter and what they must do to really make it count.

While everyone is created equal, their votes are not. This fact was highlighted in the last election, when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. In the end, Donald Trump won the election by less than 80,000 votes combined in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. In five key swing states combined (Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona) Trump won by only 314,000 votes. So voters of these states alone were statistically much more valuable, powerful, and relevant than the millions of worthless excess votes that Hillary Clinton won elsewhere in states like California, New York, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

“We must MOVE (Make Our Votes Elect) the President of the United States,” says Rama Raju in this breakthrough analysis of U.S. elections. “If only a small number of Clinton’s voters in excess vote states like California and New York had voted in the battleground swing states, the results of the election and the future of America would have been vastly different.”

“This book aims to make Democrat and Republican voters realize the true power of their votes and how it diminishes based on where they happen to live and are registered to vote. They can ensure that candidates who win the popular vote go on to win the general election too and break away from this devastating trend where we have witnessed the popular vote winner lose the electoral vote in 2 of the last 5 elections.”

Recent data shows around 40 million Americans (12% of the population) move to other states each year, many are young adults. During this coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen over 40 million Americans unemployed and more than 30 million people at risk of being evicted. More Americans are mobile and able to move, willing to move, and unfortunately, forced to move than ever before in the history of the USA.

“For years, the two calls to action in the U.S. elections have been: 1) register to vote, and 2) cast your vote. Today, we need a new step even before we register: analyze your situation and see how valuable your vote is, and how much it matters where you are located. See if you can move to a state where your vote will really matter,” says Rama Raju.

Among other things, the book will reveal to the readers:

- Why your politics should factor in your next relocation
- Why the electoral college is ineffective and must be reformed
- What we can do right NOW to Make Our Votes Elect the President
- Why we must MOVE the president to restore democracy to a flawed system

Recent reader reviews include:
- “Raju’s book couldn’t be better timed. Essential reading to understand the system, its flaws, and how it can be ameliorated.”

- “This is a MUST read, not only in an election year, but for anyone who wants a say in our country's political leadership. A very well researched book that puts the differing values in our votes in an easy to understand way. By citing an unbelievable amount of credible sources, facts, and figures, he lays out just how important each vote can or cannot be (for both sides), along with bringing useful insight into how those votes have affected previous elections and will affect future elections.”

- “Simply put, Rama Raju will change the way you think about elections.”

Rama Raju holds a BSBA degree in Finance and Economics from The Ohio State University and an MBA degree from Pepperdine University. He grew up in the Buckeye state of Ohio, moving to New York after college to pursue his dream of working on Wall Street, a life changing experience. He has been an acute political observer right from the first time he voted in 2000. He saw how Al Gore won the popular vote, only to lose the electoral vote to George W. Bush. Subsequent elections confirmed his belief that the electoral system is in urgent need of reforms.

“M.O.V.E. The President” by Rama Raju is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions, and on Google Play Books. 20% of net proceeds will go towards organizations fighting against voter suppression and in support of voting rights.
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