Australian Startup Carbon Co. Makes Reducing Carbon Emissions Easy For All

The green company aims to make carbon offsets accessible to retail customers and small businesses and with their affordable subscriptions, now everyone can become fully carbon neutral.

Carbon Co., a new startup that provides solutions to climate change by making it easy for individuals and businesses to reduce carbon emissions, has announced its launch.

The green company aims to make Australian carbon offsets accessible to retail customers and small businesses, helping ordinary Australians become fully carbon neutral.

Carbon Co. offers services and offsets such as allowing people to offset their car, shopping and also planting trees in areas and countries like Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Uganda, and the Amazon Rainforest. Carbon Co’s team carefully selects climate offset projects that have a meaningful impact on the environment, targeting areas that are most affected by deforestation and bushfires.

In 2020 an average Australian had a carbon footprint of 12 to 16 tonnes a year, but to keep global warming under 2 degrees by 2050 each person’s emissions must be below 4 tonnes per year. Carbon Co.’s $19 per month service fully offsets an individual’s carbon footprint. With this service, anyone can be carbon neutral by purchasing verified carbon offsets that support climate positive projects worldwide.

Subscribers will also receive a certification document with a unique ID, to help track their impact. One of Carbon Co’s core tenets is transparency, and the company will provide comprehensive reports on the projects where the carbon offsets are sourced from.

Australians alone use around 6 billion plastic bags per year for shopping, which contributed to one of the highest carbon footprints with approximately 33 grams of CO2 for one bag.

In an effort to help Australians mitigate this, Carbon Co. also produces eco tote bags for shopping and groceries, and with every bag purchased Carbon Co. will purchase 1 tonne of certified carbon offsets. These carbon offsets remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in Australia and abroad.

The firm only procures carbon offsets that are internationally accredited and verified under standards such as VERRA and the Gold Standard.

Since its launch, Carbon Co. has offset more than 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and planted more than 10,000 trees. This September, Carbon Co. offsets support the Kuruwita Hydro Project in Sri Lanka.

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About Carbon Co.
Carbon Co. is an Australian social enterprise that helps ordinary Aussies to reduce carbon emissions through affordable, verified carbon offsets that have a meaningful impact. Managed by a small team with years of personal experience in the field, the Carbon Co. team carefully selects the most effective emissions reduction projects worldwide.

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