Austin Tesla Roofer, Austin Roofing and Construction, Weighs in on Recent News Regarding Tesla Solar Roof Price Increase

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Tesla Solar Roof Certified Installer, Austin Roofing and Construction, reacts to recent reports of price increase and offers support to Tesla’s overall mission with regards to their new solar roof and panels.

Top Roofing Company of Austin Texas, Austin Roofing and Construction, reports that the announcement of Tesla’s new solar roof and solar panels was met with excitement from their customers. Immediately, customers began to request quotes and were pleased to find that the rates provided were lower than expected. Recently, many customers received news that their orders might include a fairly significant increase. While a price change can be discouraging, the fact remains that these new products are an exciting opportunity for the future of home design and improvement. Homeowners have a lot to gain from these panels at any price. Daisy Martinez, Austin Roofing and Construction’s VP of Operations states, "Tesla has a mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and we are proud to help. Our company is excited to help Austinites transition to a secure energy source even during grid outages."

About Tesla Solar Energy as an Investment:
Solar energy is believed to be the future of the energy industry and this sector is growing significantly. For years, Tesla has redefined electrical energy with the release of their electric vehicles and Powerwalls. Now, they stand poised to change home energy forever with their solar home options. The benefits that these products offer presents a unique investment opportunity for homeowners everywhere.

Tesla’s solar panels are not only an investment for the average home, but they are also an investment for the future of the planet. Investing in Tesla panels or roofing can significantly reduce the average carbon footprint. Since homeowners will be trading their power grid energy source for a renewable source, they can cut out carbon emissions or fossil fuels with this approach.

One of the most impressive benefits of switching to these panels is the savings. Homeowners with Tesla’s solar roof or solar panels can reduce or outright remove their dependency on energy from the grid. This means that the average electricity bill no longer needs to be factored into the monthly budget. Further savings can be gained through the installation costs as well. To calculate total savings, homeowners can use this tool.

While Tesla does offer homeowners the opportunity to default to the grid at night, by investing in the Tesla Powerwall, residents can store the energy from their solar panels for later use. This can keep a home running on sustainable energy, even at night or during a storm. Most notably, their solar systems and accompanying Powerwall can keep a home online with energy, even during local power outages. For these reasons, investing in solar can also drive up the overall value of a home.

Everything that Tesla makes is known for its distinct design flair, and their solar systems are no different. The solar roof and solar panels provided by Tesla have a beautiful design to them. The solar panels are designed to be completely uniform and do not look like they were simply placed upon the roof. The solar roof is completely indistinguishable from a traditional roof yet offers all the benefits of traditional solar panels. They strayed from traditional bulky designs and created a sleek appearance that homeowners love.

About Austin Roofing and Construction:
Austin Roofing and Construction are continuously rated the best roofers in Austin Texas providing their customers with a full scope of services for all their roofing, remodeling, and construction needs. Providing Tesla Solar Roofs, Shingles, Metal, TPO, PVC, and Coatings they offer all types of residential and commercial roofing.

The team at Austin Roofing and Construction is composed of three generations of Texas natives who seek to change the construction industry for the better. By relying on input from the entire team, they are able to bring together traditional and modern methods to provide exceptional service for residents in the area. They have a reputation for always completing their roofing and restoration projects on time and on budget while providing a full-service experience, superior customer interaction, and unparalleled workmanship.

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Name: Daisy Martinez
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Organization: Austin Roofing and Construction
Address: 1301 W Ben White Blvd #200A, Austin, TX 78704
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Name: Daisy Martinez
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Organization: Austin Roofing and Construction
Address: 1301 W Ben White Blvd #200A, Austin, TX 78704