Austin Roofing and Construction Wants Texas Residents to Know Hail Damage Claims Must Be Filed Soon

Austin, Texas Roofing experts are following up with Austin residents to remind them that the window for filing hail damage insurance claims is closing.

Now, the need to file claims for the 2021 damage is more important than ever, and time is running out. Policyholders must act quickly or risk their claim being declined for falling outside of the filing period. The experts at Austin Roofing and Construction want to share what homeowners need to know. In 2021, North Austin residents faced hailstorms, with many residents finding their property damaged during the spring season, as well as at other points throughout the year. This damage came as a shock to homeowners, vehicle owners, and insurance companies all over Texas.

Most insurance companies only offer a one-year window to file a claim for hail damage on the home, a fact which not a lot of homeowners are privy too. It is easy for homeowners to think that they will get around to it later, but the clock is running out. Companies that only offer a year to report the damage will be declining more claims with each month that passes in 2022. While a few insurance companies do allow up to two years, this is not standard and should only be trusted if the homeowner talks to their insurance company directly.

Hail damage is one of the most destructive and devastating kinds of damage because it often occurs entirely without warning. Any visible damage should be managed as soon as possible, or homeowners will risk further damage to their property as it is exposed to more storms. One bad hailstorm might be a problem, but if another hits when the damage is already done, the outcome can be devastating.

Homeowners insurance is designed to offer aid in the event of hail damage, and this is something that homeowners need to take advantage of following 2021’s hail season. Failing to report these incidents to an insurance provider can lead to homeowners paying out of pocket for a new roof or siding. This costly expense can be avoided or lessened simply by filing a claim with an insurance company.

The Austin Roofing and Construction team continuously works alongside insurance companies every single year to help homeowners restore and upgrade their homes. They offer customers a convenient Insurance Claim FAQ page to help homeowners learn more about what it takes to file a claim to support roof repairs.

In general, homeowners can follow a simple process that is built around having a trusted roofing team evaluate the damage to determine whether or not it will meet the needs of a claim as they are outlined in the original policy. After this is approved, a claim can be filed and work can begin to repair the home, offering Austin homeowners peace of mind for the 2022 hail season and saving them money at the same time. Learn how to finance your insurance claim and keep the cash!

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