Austin Hail Damage Roofer Examines how to Identify and Manage the Harmful Impact Hail Damage has on Roofs

Austin Roofing and Construction offers help to locals on recognizing, identifying, and managing hail damage to keep their home value high after the storm.

Hail damage is a problem that has plagued homeowners for hundreds of years, and it isn’t going anywhere fast. Austin Roofing and Construction knows all about hail damage and the problems that come with it, which is why they are weighing in on what homeowners need to know. As roofing experts, they are prepared to share their expert opinion on identifying and managing hail damage.

Storms can appear at a moment’s notice, sometimes leaving horrible damage in their wake. In Texas, hail damage is reported several times a year. The roof of a home often takes the brunt of damage anytime that it starts to hail. This kind of damage can range from mild to severe, with some instances requiring significant repairs. Before reporting damage to insurance, it can be helpful to recognize the signs of hail damage.

In some cases, hail damage will be completely visible. It generally shows itself as visible chips in the shingles or material. Asphalt shingles might display damage as darkened areas where the granules have been visibly removed.

Depending on the severity of the hail damage, cracks might occur. If there are multiple cracks on a roof, it is often an indication of physical trauma to the shingles. When this occurs, tears or cracks can be seen. In some instances, the shingles might look like they are peeling.

With severe hail, it is possible for shingles to become completely dislodged from repeated physical damage. This might result in shingles that are missing completely, or that are missing large sections. When this occurs, the damage can be a significant risk to the home below.

In the event that hail damage is present, it is incredibly important to take action sooner rather than later. Even mild hail damage can lead to more problems down the line. In extreme cases, hail damage can result in leaks, electrical problems, dangerous mold infestations, and more—all of which will be a costly expense to the owner.

Repairing hail damage is a task that requires the input of a professional. While there are DIY methods available online, only a professional will be able to properly assess and treat the damage for the long-term. Partnering with an expert can help homeowners to learn the extent of the damage and take action to repair the roof so that it is secure and visibly pleasing at the same time.

In most cases, homeowner’s insurance can be used to cover the cost of roof repairs after hail damage. Working directly with an insurance company will allow a homeowner to receive assistance with the cost. Roofing professionals can even handle this for their clients in some instances, making it important to communicate with professionals through the entire process to make it as painless as possible.

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