Attorneys Brown Dahan Acknowledge Today's Divorce More Complex Than Ever Before

Variegated divorces today require increased compassion and experience reports,

For years now, the common statistic quoted was that 50% of all marriages ended in divorce. However, experts are increasingly explaining how this isn't quite the truth, or at least, not the whole story. Since the 1950s, yes the divorce rate has risen dramatically, however, if one looks at divorce rates since the mid 00s, evidence shows fewer divorces are reflected in society as a whole. Statistics show in 2005, 45% of all marriages ended in divorce compared to 2010's 42%. Evidence shows a large number of divorces when a couple marries young, as in under 28 years of age or when it's the second or third marriage for one of the individuals. According to Kathleen Brown, attorney and spokesperson for Brawn Dahan law firm (, today's divorces are more complex than ever before.

"Some things never change, for example a fight for custody of children. When children are a part of the family, divorce immediately becomes more complicated. But these days, divorce filings come full of issues never before seen in courts. More divorces involve texting, Facebook activity and other social media happenings. There are also gay marriages to be taken into consideration and custody battles within," says Brown.

For all of the various scenarios that could come into play in a divorce action, attorneys must be knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. In fact, in all areas of divorce and family law, compassion is the key to a successful lawyer/client relationship. Brown continues saying, "Divorce is an unfortunate and, sadly, common occurrence in today’s society and can be incredibly stressful. The attorneys involved must understand the impact of this life-changing decision."

When choosing an attorney, regardless of the situation, Brown urges due diligence. "These matters are highly complex, so couples filing for divorce should seek experienced legal counsel right away. Because divorce courts can determine how assets are divided, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand the process and ensure that your rights and finances are duly safeguarded during the process as well as help ensure proper child custody and support." For more information, go to

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