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Personal Injury Cases Can Be Complex, Let Alexander Napolin, Guide the legal process of a successful accident injury claim case.

For those who have not been involved in a personal injury lawsuit, it may come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that both parties often find the process stressful. The person who is being sued is not the only one who may find themselves having trouble falling asleep during the process. Part of the stress for plaintiff, or the person who is suing, is reliving the accident multiple times, and if the defendant and his or her insurance company does not settle, the plaintiff may be in the position of proving they were not in fact responsible. It is important that the victim find a qualified and competent attorney to guide them through the process to remove some of that stress.
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These stresses in dealing with a settle are additional for the plaintiff if they discover the responsible person does not have appropriate insurance. In those situations, a person may find themselves the victim of someone else’s negligence, yet find themselves with no way to gain financial satisfaction. A good personal injury attorney can help remove at least some of that stress from a plaintiff by helping guide the plaintiff through the process. Alexander Napolin can lead an investigation into the defendant to discover if they have resources to help the plaintiff during the difficult times following an accident.

What to Expect from a Personal Injury Attorney

Alexander Napolin will advise the plaintiff on timelines that are required by the laws—these legal timelines are called statutes of limitations. He will then ensure that those documents are filed in a timely and correct manner. For nearly every aspect of court cases there is a statute of limitations that determines how long a person has to file suit in court. This prevents someone from claiming their neck injury was from an auto accident five years ago when in fact they fell off a ladder today. The statute of limitations prevents a person from trying to gain damages in a fraudulent manner.

Seek Medical Care As Soon Possible

Statutes of limitations and the fact that some injuries are not immediately apparent is why it is important to seek medical care immediately after an accident, even if the party involved did not believe they were injured. Seeking medical attention after an accident, especially if another party was responsible, ensures that documentation will exist in the event that what the victim realizes the pain they felt was more severe than a bruise. Without this documentation, it is possible that the other side’s attorneys will try to prove the injuries suffered by the plaintiff occurred in some other fashion. - Learn more about What to Do If an Individual has Been Injured In A Car Accident here:

An attorney can guide a victim of someone else’s negligence through the process of having appropriate medical care after an accident, and help organize the documentation needed. Hopefully the victim of an accident has never been through the process of filing a personal injury claim previously, but Alexander Napolin has gone through the process many times over. The injured party can focus on healing and returning to their normal life while Alexander Napolin advocates in the courts and with insurance companies for the plaintiff.

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