Attorney Launches New Legal Resources for Local Residents Following Crime Surge

Providing knowledge and information is the key to empowering people, publishes

Criminal charges are on the rise across Michigan according to the latest reports from state and local law enforcement officials. Recent figures place the state's crime rate at slightly higher than the current national average. This leaves a growing number of accused seeking assistance with their cases and searching for answers to a wide range of questions. In response to this development, criminal defense attorney, Sam Bernstein of ArborYpsi Law has launched the firm's latest line of resources for local residents.

"We've certainly seen the need for our services increase over the last several years," said Bernstein. "No two cases are the same, and their impacts are as varied as their surrounding circumstances. We want our clients and neighbors throughout southeastern Michigan to fully understand what to expect when or if they or their loved ones are faced with criminal charges. Our latest lineup up of resources is designed to help fill in the blanks and answer many of the questions they may have."

Among the resources provided by ArborYpsi Law are details regarding specific types of cases made publicly available via the firm's website. Various webpages offer information on domestic assault, divorce, child custody, DUI and DWI, traffic violation, and retail fraud cases to name a few. Details pertaining to home invasion, weapons, firearms and animal cruelty and neglect charges are also offered.

In addition to individual webpages, the criminal defense firm has provided links to articles offering general advice on courses of action in situations potentially leading to criminal charges. Blog posts covering a number of topics of concern have also been published. A list of external legal research sources has likewise been made available to those searching for further information on specific legal matters.

Concluded Bernstein, "We pride ourselves on being far more than legal representatives. We're counselors and advocates dedicated to helping clients forge through their unique situations and reach the best possible outcomes. When it comes to the criminal defense field, providing knowledge goes a long way toward empowering people and allowing them be active in their own cases. Our latest resources are meant to help foster understanding of the law, and we'll continue to publish new materials and links as they become available."

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