Attorney, John R. Samaan Helps New Floridan Business Owners Get Their Start

Proper licensing applications are a must for new businesses opening up in the state of Florida.

9/15/19 -Business seems to be booming in Florida, and growth is occurring like never before. According to The State of Florida Division of Corporations, there were 432,776 corporations in 2018 alone. Many people who want to open up a new small business face an uphill battle, simply because they are unaware of the laws that govern new business owners. One of the most important steps new owners must take is making sure they are properly licensed.

Attorney, John R. Samaan is poised to help new businesses get on the right foot by assisting them in seeking a proper license. It is against the law to operate a business without the right license in place. New business owners will need to register their business with the County Tax Collector of the county their business will be located in. It is possible a business would be subject to state, county, and federal requirements, depending on the type of business.

While it is not required to get an attorney, many new business owners feel more confident in seeking help. For those wanting to know how to apply for a professional license in Florida, it is wise to meet with an attorney to go through the steps legally. There are several licensing agencies that are involved with licensing in the state of Florida and they include the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and other licensing agencies.

Attorneys help their clients fill out all the necessary paperwork to ensure the license is granted in a timely manner. The state of Florida requires business owners to obtain the right license and permits for their type of business. Some types of businesses may require a professional license and there may be permits that must be obtained before the business can begin offering products and services to consumers.

A failure to obtain the proper license and permits could result in serious fines and even the business being shut down by the county or state. This is one of the first things business owners must take care of and should be handled even before the preparations for opening day.

Business owners often seek an attorney to help them register their business name and set up the proper accounts to run their business. Business owners also sometimes retain an attorney to help them review or draw up contracts and other legal documents. If a business owner decides to incorporate or become a limited liability company, they will also likely need the help of an attorney.

With more business owners opening their doors in Florida, the state is experiencing a boom of opportunity. The state is open to all types of businesses and there are opportunities for people of all ages. Now is a perfect time to get started on the process and get the license in place. Taking these steps before opening the business will ensure owners are compliant and will not risk stiff penalties or the closing of their business.

Working with an attorney to seek business licensing can cut out a lot of the stress and ensure the owner is compliant with all federal, state, and county laws in place. An attorney like Samaan can help new business owners get things on track before the opening of their business.

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