Atoshi Liao Wang announced on Nasdaq:Empower The World

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Nasdaq Screen is located in New York's Times Square, known as the "crossroads of the world". Its screen is as high as 36.6 meters, and it is the "world's first screen".

Nasdaq Screen is located in New York's Times Square, known as the "crossroads of the world". Its screen is as high as 36.6 meters, and it is the "world's first screen". Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Huawei and other well-known enterprises have appeared here. The voice of big brands are heard by the world from here.

Nasdaq screen perfectly harmonizes the financial atmosphere of business with high-tech art. It is at the center of fame and fortune with more than 300,000 visitors a day and about 100 million traffic per year. It not only shows the power of a company to the world, but also marks the ambition in the global capital market.

On November 30th, US time, Mr. Liao Wang, CEO of ATOSHI blockchain, landed on the NASDAQ screen in New York City of the United States and attracted the attention of the world's major news media. One of the most ambitious crypto projects have begun to uncover the mysterious veil.

On the big screen, with hands postured like a gun, Liao Wang was looking forward firmly, confidently, determinedly and fearlessly, just like going to shoot a big eagle with a gun. "Empower The World" is announced loudly to the world. The design of the huge golden ATOSHI logo and commemorative coins is particularly eye-catching, making the pedestrians cannot stop and watch, and is extremely impressive. The atmosphere and pleasure show that the ATOS will use blockchain technology to create a currency on the shoulder of bitcoin, to be used between countries and solve financial hegemony ... and make the world fairer and more efficient.

ATOSHI aims to be the currency between countries. Every country should have the right to issue their own currency. And it is sacred and inviolable, so that the country can mobilize resources through the issuance of currency and build the country better.

However, paper money cannot satisfy the huge needs of nowadays. Especially there is no currency which can be used between countries in a fair way, so we use dollars as an imperfect solution. The currency used between countries should be issued by the blockchain network and in the hand by the people of the world.

Atoshi stands on the shoulders of mainstream cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Atoshi has all the advantages of gold and dollar. It will adopt the most advanced technology nowadays: PODalgorithm, each user contributes idle computing power to help the whole network to process transactions in return for free transfer service and create a huge amount of computing pool to do all settlements of money transfers and smart contract. The more users, the higher TPS. To fulfill the mission of the Atoshi: "Empower The World."

At the same time, Liao Wang also knows that talents first. Talent strategy is the key strategy of ATOSHI. At the top of the Nasdaq big screen written “IT Geek, Join us"and called all IT geeks around the world to join the Atoshi to create a better cryptocurrency for the world and use the blockchain technology to “Empower The World”.

Used to sleep on the corridor because he had no money for the rent , Liao Wang is famous in Dubai real estate, crytocurrency, asset investment. He started his own real estate in 2009, when there is a lot of crisis and make 700000USD profit in the first year, and 1 million USD in the second year…on the third year, he bought 46 shops in Dubai from AMCON(Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria), which makes him huge profit due to the property went crazy up from 2012 to 2014….after investing in hundreds of properties in Dubai , he started to invest in funds and shares which again have gave him an average gain of 130% per year….in Jan 2017 he bought a lot of Bitcoin under 1000USD , Ethereum and Litecoin at the price around 10 dollars, his assets have skyrocketed and bought a huge house in Jumeirah Golf Estate in Dubai.

After investing in almost all mainstream cryptocurrencies, Liao Wang feels that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and there should be better cryptocurrencies for the world.

Liao Wang says: “Bitcoin was an amazing invention, but Bitcoin is definitely not the best cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was born 10 years ago,10 years later, there are definitely new technologies that can surpass bitcoin."

And he continues firmly “Bitcoin is like a first car. It is a great invention, but the first car is not the best car. There are many problems for the first car, you will have ass pain because there is no shock absorber ... The real good car is made by the entrepreneur leading a group of geeks who make cars, including circuit technology geeks, engine technology geeks, brake system geeks, design masters, as well as brands, marketing,sales, finance, procurement, warehouse, manufacturing and other professional talents.

The better cryptocurrency should be created by entrepreneurs leading a group of cryptography geeks, programming geeks, system architecture masters, Internet product design talents, economics experts, UI design masters, as well as brands, marketing, sales. financial and other professional talents.

I am going to be that entrepreneur, leading a group of talents to create a better cryptocurrency for the world. The goal is to use the blockchain to build the "central bank" of the world. Use the concept of "three services": serve the world's finance; serve the people of the world; serve the global enterprises.”

ATOS issued by the ATOSHI network will be a cryptocurrency between countries, committed to perfecting the global financial trading system and building a foreign exchange reserve currency for the future.

With the operation center in China and Dubai,ATOSHI will become a "dark horse" in the crypto industry and will gradually lead cryptocurrency to “Empower the world”!

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