Atlanta Leasing & Investment Offers Critical Factors For Deciding The Size Of Office Space

Atlanta Leasing & Investment offers four critical factors to consider when choosing office space for a company. Choosing office space affects employee satisfaction and the financial picture of the firm.

Atlanta Leasing & Investment is pleased to announce the release of an informational post about selecting office space. The post describes four critical factors which affect the choice of office space for the business. The question of how much space is required for businesses is more complicated than may be realized until the firm goes out to purchase or lease an office building. The most important factors are the type of industry, the culture, the trajectory of the business and the space itself.

The type of industry is probably the most important determining factor in the space which is needed. Law firms, for example, require a different type of space than an architectural and engineering firm. Law firms usually have an emphasis on conference rooms, meeting space, and sizable partners' offices. Typically fewer administrative space is needed. An engineering firm will tend to use space more efficiently, with an emphasis on cubicles.

The second factor is the culture of the organization. This factor is more dependent upon the “identify” of the specific business. Some law firms are more focused on efficient use of space and the offices of CPA firms may be large and spacious.

Choosing office space wisely depends also upon the potential for future growth. If the economy is growing, a company may want to allow for the potential to acquire larger space. This requires a balancing act between the cost of expansion space and the length of the lease. An inspection of the potential for increased space should be part of the negotiations.

The fourth factor to consider is the space itself. Recognizing the difference between usable square feet and rentable square feet affects the satisfaction with the space. While hallways, bathrooms, and lobbies are included in the rent, they may negatively affect the amount of usable space.

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