Atlanta Duct Cleaning Firm Announces Referral Program

Duct cleaning is a major focus of the Atlanta business. Better indoor air means healthier living and breathing conditions.

Atlanta Duct & Dryer Cleaning HVAC team is pleased to announce that they offer a referral program to customers in order to increase the ability of friends and neighbors to take advantage of the top quality services for HVAC duct cleaning of indoor air. Duct dryer vent cleaning prevents strain on the systems and provides healthier living and breathing conditions for inhabitants. The duct cleaning firm also provides dryer vent cleaning and system maintenance.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Many Atlanta homeowners don’t realize the importance of having their air ducts and HVAC systems cleaned and properly maintained. Up to forty pounds of dust can accumulate over the course of a year in a typical six-room home. Your HVAC system is constantly breathing and recirculating this air. Several health problems can arise from breathing in all the airborne contaminants that accumulate. Contaminants such as tiny dust particles, fungi spores, and mold are re-circulated five to seven times per day, on average.”

Filters should be changed regularly, but even replacement of filters doesn't prevent accumulation of contaminants in the duct-work of the structure. Indoor air quality is particularly important for individuals with respiratory health conditions, environmental allergies or autoimmune disorders. The U.S. Dept. of Energy has stated that from 25 to 40 percent of energy used to heat or cool a home is wasted. When contaminants build up in a system, it must work harder and less efficiently. The HVAC system which is not clean has a shortened lifespan. The system that is free of contaminants don't have to work as hard to maintain temperature.

The duct cleaning company has prepared several easy-to-choose-from discounted packages. The customer may also request customized services. Responsive service is available, with most customers scheduled within a day, if necessary. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every project offered by the firm.

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